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3:30 PM - 9:00 PM
3:30 PM - 9:00 PM
3:30 PM - 9:00 PM
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Hip gathering place with a patio offering eclectic global fare, plus weekend brunch & live music.

610 Water St SW
Olympia, WA 98501

Recent Reviews

YUMMY my spit out steak went back on their grill, keep reading. Today I was told I have to eat my food and agree to eat it AS IS before I order (no joke the waitress seemed embarrassed to say something who was the one who first noticed undercooked meat) I had to agree to what I am served before I am served or leave. Litteraly made me agree. I have been here so many times I can not count but sent meat back 3 times in the last 6 months in all the time i have been coming. in all the times I've I've had just the meat and nothing else redone for being severely undercooked BLUE beef and pork as in gelatonous COLD raw. The wait staff was the ones who said something because they even saw it... 1st time i was a little reluctant and was just gonna take it home and reheat it so tired from work... i ageed to get a new one. One of the times i got blue steak. After 20 min waiting they took it back recooked and pieced the cut steak on the plate. The steak I SPIT out from my mouth. YUMMY my spit out steak went back on their grill. Yummy I work medical with covid people. I even told mangment that and they gave me gift certificate cause it was so bisy I just paid and left. I didnt want my company I was with to feel more uncomfortable. They were already thoroughly grossed out. I was embarrassed for suggesting to eat there. Their cook is cocky and over salts the food. They put finishing salt on BACON brussle spounts that was so much salt it burnt my mouth and I could taste anything else. They smoke and can't tast how salty lt is or dont care to tast the sauces they make so i learned to ask for for sauced and salad dressing on the side. So salty. Everything else is good. I've tried everything. Stay away from the steak and pork chops. They do not temp their meat AT ALL before serving they only know blue medium or over done. Oh and don't get octopus when they are just opening for dinner. It will be rubbery from the grill not being fired up. I almost choked. Like bubble gum. Way under cooked. I work 60+ hrs a week medical. It was one one joy once a week to sit by myself and breath near home. Cocky cooks. Dont come here if you care about how your meat is cooked.... The cooks don't know how to use a therometer.
Sat us down then literally forgot about us Had enough time to make reservations at another restaurant.
Kid-friendliness: High chairs available
Let me start by saying the prawn tacos were incredible. The spiced potatoes were yummy, as were the Brussels sprouts. The Korean wings? Not so much, just so-so. But, those prawn tacos? Definitely, definitely worth going back.
Me oh my lemme tell ya. This has been the most positive restaurant experience I’ve had in a while. We came in and were greeted but the host and had a table quickly. Our server was rocking a sick af pirate costume(Halloween). The oysters were FRESH and DELICIOUS (They are a great aphrodisiac, wife loved em ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). Our drinks were presented neatly and were delicious, also fairly priced for 2023(I am poor). The salmon Alfredo was definitely the most delicious pasta we’ve had in a while. The Shepards pie was presented so nicely and was savory and made me cry a lil. We decided we wanted desert and we’re recommended the burnt cheesecake, I promptly said yes because cheesecake makes me commit the deadly sin of lust. Let me tell you. This cheesecake would make me commit the other 6 sins just for another slice. Overall! 5/5 experience. Will be going back and will conquer all the lands for that cheesecake tbh.
Had never been here before and came with a couple friends. The atmosphere was beautiful, our server was attentive and funny but not too much. The NY sirloin was delicious and so was else we had.
We ordered the muscles Cha Cha, shrimp tacos, smoked oysters, cherry bread pudding, and shrimp in purgatory. The muscles were our favorite! Fantastic flavors. The shrimp tacos were solid and very good. The shrimp in purgatory was Good but lacking in flavor. Maybe a little more spice. Nothing special about the smoked oysters. Okay selection of beers on tap. Ordered a lemon drop and the glass arrived half full. We felt a little gypped with the amount served. Our biggest disappointment was the dessert. The cherry bread pudding did not have a liqueur sauce or any alcohol, plus the whole roasted almonds on the top seemed like an afterthought and did not fit. It was flavorless. We each had maybe a bite or two and left the rest. Very disappointing end to a pretty good meal.
I went here with my family for my birthday and was truly delighted. Being sensitive to loud noises and lights I asked for a corner quiet table and they 100% delivered. The food was fantastic, service was just as wonderful - our entire party age 84-11 was delighted. Will be back and sing your praises all over Oly. :) Thank you for a lovely bday dinner.

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