Android Beta Testing

We've started testing on Android with a minimum viable product. Thanks for all of the testing and feedback! It has been extremely helpful. Our main focus has been to fix the known bugs and integrate feedback we heard from our first Android beta testers.

What’s new?

  • List view is now the default view when you open the app. Easier to digest more deals this way.

Default list view

  • We’ve got the emojis.
  • Deals can now both be food and drinks.
  • Example: Wings and Whiskey Wednesday can now be categorized as Food and Drink.
  • The main channel is labeled ‘All’ instead of ‘Home’ now.
  • When viewing a deal, the name of the deal will remain at the top.
  • Website for venues is listed on their page and their deals.
  • The pretty heart is now clickable for liking and unliking deals.

Keep track of your liked deals

  • Updated the names of the deals from things like ‘happy hour’ to something more useful.
  • Other popular deals are listed at the bottom of each deal you are viewing.
  • You can click the images to get to the deal page.
  • If you find a deal that isn’t accurate, there is a button at the bottom of each deal page to give us a heads up.

What’s fixed?

  • The white spin screen being stuck when you open the app shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • The ‘Login with Google’ button should work consistently.
  • The location should be showing properly when viewing ‘venues you follow’ section of the app.
  • A lot of stuff that is on the back end that no one sees and I honestly have no idea how it works. The engineers get it, but I just think of it as magic.

What’s next?

  • We should have an iOS version within a month.
  • Sorting options in the main feed by distance, popularity, and time of day.
  • Calendar view so you don’t have to scroll for hours to find out your weekend plans.
  • Map view of all deals and venues around you.


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