We’ve been hard at work and wanted to share the progress we’ve made that couldn’t of been possible without your help.

Our main focus so far has been to find and resolve bugs and integrate feedback testers have shared with us. If you missed it, one of our updates added a feedback feature. If you have a great idea to make Checkle better and want to share it with us you can find this feature under settings. We really appreciate your ideas and recommendations. It has been extremely helpful!

On the venue and deal creation side, we redid a lot to become stable. Venues have their own app where they manage their business and deals from.

What’s new?

  • Started beta testing on iOS! Everything on Android and iPhone devices should be a similar experience now.
  • Flipped the main feed around to a more conventional; picture on the left and title on the right. We removed the emoji’s for now but will bring them back in a more useful way in a future version.
  • Added a feedback section. You can now easily leave feedback and vote on what features are most important or coolest to you. Check it out here:
  • https://checkle.hellonext.co/?sort=top
  • New calendar feature added. See what’s deals will be going on as far out in the future as you want!
  • Added maps view of venues running deals around you. Makes it easier to see where deals are happening.
  • Introduced more sorting options: distance, popularity, and time. We know that’s not a lot, but more sorting and filter options will be released in an upcoming version.
  • Facebook login enabled.
  • Deals pages now includes a map preview.

What’s next?

  • We are going to give more filtering options so you can find deals you are craving or in the mood for, e.g. Brunch, Burgers, Mexican, Italian, Food Truck, etc.
  • Sharing deals with friends and family.

That’s the progress so far!

From last update we set out to do the following and finished it all:

  • Checkle on iOS.
  • Sorting the main feed by distance, popularity, and time of day.
  • Calendar view so you don’t have to scroll for hours to find your weekend plans.
  • Map view to know what’s happening around you.

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas on how to make it better,