Coronavirus Carryout

We’re in the middle of a pandemic. We added in a new category called “Coronavirus Carryout.” This is a little different than what we normally offer. Restaurant information is changing almost daily and we are showing more info like venue hours and their entire menu.

This is a terrible time for restaurants and bars.

We’re doing whatever we can to help by showing which places are still open and offering their services. Due to how quickly things are changing, we added in a new feature that’ll hopefully help with this…

Verification of Deal Details

With things changing fast, we’ve added in a ‘Verify Deal’ and ‘Needs Update’ part to Checkle. This will let either the Checkle team or the venue that some of their deal info is incorrect. Help us keep these deals up to date for everyone.

A big help in finding deals…. a Search bar

I know it seems simple, but adding a ‘Search’ feature is really hard. But we did it. I don’t have to really explain how you should use a ‘Search’ bar… Just search for what you are looking for by venue name, deal name, description, category, etc.

And a lot of bugs.

A whole lot of optimizations and bug fixes that you probably don’t care about other than the thing working better than it used to. Please continue to let us know how we can make it better.

Stay healthy out there.