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Pasta, subs, pizza & more served in a family-friendly environment with patio tables.

5540 Olde Towne Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Recent Reviews

The evening didn't start well. There is virtually no one in the place and they sit us next to a couple teleconferencing on their phone at top volume. Asking to move, they put us next to a family with a boy watching a video on his phone, at top volume. The other tables are reserved we're told. So, we get up to leave and the original couple is leaving so we go back to our original table. We order a calamari starter, I got a margarita pizza and my wife gets the chicken Parmesan. The calamari is served and it's overcooked. Fairly rubbery but not inedible. Definitely not the best calamari in the world. My pizza shows up and it's got a lot of shredded mozzarella. In my admittedly limited experience, good mozzarella can't be shredded it's put on pizza in chunks. The pizza is fair at best. All you get is the cheap mozzarella. It's cooked well, but the crust is thick and chewy toward the outer edges. No sense whatsoever of the sauce. In all this my wife's Parmesan is missing in action. The waitress comes out twice to tell us it's coming. I'm halfway through my pizza when the Parmesan arrives, no pasta. Several minutes later the pasta is finally served. By this time, I'm done eating. Testing the Parmesan, it's completely pedestrian. I'm guessing a frozen cutlet with a nondescript marinara with more shredded mozzarella. Reviews tell the tale of this being the best pizza in town. That's not encouraging. We're newcomers in town and looking for the good restaurants where the locals go. Haven't found one yet and this one definitely isn't it. Decidedly NOT recommended.
Great food Great music Will return
Oh my goodness! SO DELICIOUS! Mushroom caps/Marsala wonderful! Salads were SO fresh and the pizza was awesome! Cheese and meats are so fresh and delicious! We are visiting from North Carolina and I might have to drive four hours to Olde Towne Pizza every time I need some REAL Italian food! COME EAT HERE!
I tried their pizza. It was very delicious you don't need to go italy to eating pizza anymore. It's such a nice place to hang out with friends on lunch. I can recommend to everyone
I went for lunch with my friends. Both the restaurant and the pizzas were very nice. It was very similar to the pizzas I ate in Italy, it was very delicious. Everyone was very friendly. It was a great lunch. Thank you Olde Towne Pizza Family:)
Ordered what was supposed to be lasagna. It was just broken up meatballs with pieces of pasta and a greasy mess!!
Slice and salad lunch special. Near the Williamsburg premium outlets
Delicious food, and a wonderful atmosphere. The prices are very fair for the portions.

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