Old Texas Brewing Co.
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Sizable family-owned brewpub with Southern BBQ dishes & cocktails, plus live music, TVs & a patio.

112 W Ellison St
Burleson, TX 76028

Recent Reviews

Great atmosphere and great food. I’ve had quite a few items on the menu and I’ve liked everything. The burger is probably my favorite, and the house BBQ is awesome.
Very young and unprofessional atmosphere. The live music is 10 feet away and way too loud to even communicate to the person sitting next to you.. I literally ordered food from the bartender and finger pointed to the menu what I wanted as well as the others in the order and waited for 20-30 min for the first 2 plates to show up then another 20-30 min for the next couple plates to show up.. we were a 7 person party… after that they pulled the number from the table and said “ that’s all I had in the ticket” …. Like okay I ordered a club sandwich which is a cold sandwich which I literally communicated verbally to the bartenders and made eye contact with and then and hour later threw don’t have they order?? They suck and the employees suck even more.. over priced and under delivered by far.. never coming back
Great area, good service and delicious food. That amazing side salad was for my seven year old and he destroyed it! The prickly pear mimosa was awesome. Wonderful brunch!
I ordered avocado toast and it came with small slices of avocado. I have never had avocado toast where the avocado was not smashed up on the toast. $15 for two slices of toast and maybe six small slices of avocado. Ridiculous. My husband got the breakfast sandwich on a biscuit and the biscuit was rock hard! Extremely over priced for the food quality. Service was just fine.
The atmosphere is nice. Old bar tavern type of feel. We came in for brunch and ordered the homestyle breakfast. We both asked for eggs over medium and both received eggs over easy. I asked the waitress to send back the eggs to cook them right and she did promptly however I received eggs over easy once again. Frustrated I just accepted them and said it was ok. The potato’s were cold bland and cooked in old oil. They tasted like fried fish. The food was subpar but I will say the waitress was spectacular. The manager did comp the eggs so I appreciate that.
Chris and Greg did a great job on our party upstairs. We had a great time !
The bartenders are on point,best bartenders I've seen , especially running both sides of the bar,food did not disappoint either
Great casual restaurant with a good beer sekection.
Good concept but poor execution. The waitress was great. Very attentive and doing the best she could with the set of circumstances she was given. The food was mediocre. Not great, not terrible. Decent enough that we might have considered coming back if it weren't for the beer issue. The beer - that's where it all fell apart. For it to be called a "brewing company" they surely didn't have many drinks on tap. At least 6 different beers we tried to order they didn't have. They didn't even have their own beers on tap. Our poor waitress has to keep coming back saying they were out of the ones we wanted to try on a flight or even order. Just doesn't make sense not to have beer on tap at a brewing company ‍♀️

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