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900 S Cashua Dr
Florence, SC 29501

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Cashier was very pleasant. I ordered a full hot dog box and a cheeseburger box to go. I ordered extra onions on the cheeseburger but did not get them. Could not eat the french fries in either box because they were burnt soggy and tough like they had been cooked 2 days ago Re cooked and burnt and sat there to get tough. I will not be back. I would rather drive all the way out to the Sunrise Restaurant where are the food is freshly cooked . wish I could post a picture of the sorry wasted 2.5 pounds of french fries that looked like limp burnt shoe strings and tasted about as bad $16.50 wasted. Please give options to post pics I did not say that the hamburger was not fresh .I said the supposedly fresh French fries were burnt soggy and tough. So in the plain truth I paid $16 60 for 2 hot dogs 1 cheeseburger and 2 5 lbs of burnt soggy French fries When Brandi worked there. She would have never let any french fries go out like that ! Like I said. I have pictures of those burnt shoe strings I wanted to post pics of 2.5 lbs of wasted burnt shoestring. Potatoes that you advertise as "fresh french fries " No I will not be "giving you another chance ". I will either go to Sunrise Restaurant or Hwy 55 I have eaten at Delmae for years but ever since Brandi left it is not worth my time or definitely not worth money
The food is good, never had a problem with that or the service or the building. It's all good. My thing is, I feel like every time I go up there, another patron is getting into an argument with someone up there. More often than not, it's people arguing for the sake of arguing. If I want that experience, I'll go to Medieval Times.
I see a lot of recent one star reviews I should have paid attention to. I tried this place because I heard how good it used to be. My food took longer than other orders that just came placed their order got food and left. So I figured maybe a burger takes longer than the other orders. After returning to work late with my precious burger that took so long I took one bite and threw it in the trash. If you want to ruin your entire lunch break try this place it will be horrible.
Close the grill at 2:00! My husband left at 3:00 to get two double cheeseburger boxes and tenders which they did not have. It is now 4:06 and two of the cheeseburger boxes fries are cold, he was charged for someone else's meal although was reimbursed for that. This is why I personally stop going to this establishment at least 3 years ago. There's absolutely no excuse for the lack of service preparedness and attentiveness which led him to spend over 50 minutes waiting for food.
Went there today, brandy is gone and the girl they got running the place has the worst attitude ever.. they lost a lot of customers when they lost brandy..
Was going to order Hamburger steak with onions.. $9.75, who serves a hamburger steak dinner with nothing but meat and onions... How does that qualify as a dinner? UPDATE .. I do see on the on line menu that the Hamburger Steak is supposed to come with a side. I was told the side was extra and so didn't order. I will go in again and try again as my son''s cheeseburger tasted awesome.
Updating. Looks like the rude lady does not work there anymore. Last couple visits were nice.

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