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Family-friendly chain restaurant featuring Italian entrees along with a wide beer selection.

1938 Grand River Ave
Okemos, MI 48864

Recent Reviews

The service was horrible, our dirty plates sat on the table the whole time we were there, she never gave us our bill, had to track her down to order and pay our bill! They had one waitress for a party of 25 people. Had to wait 15 minutes to order a drink.
I believe we experienced a case of racism here. I am part of an Indian group and we wanted to have a fun time dining in and just enjoying the night but it turned out to be a really bad experience. They told us there was a 25 min wait and there was this another American group that had their name written for a table after us. We waited almost 30 mins to get a table and when we were placed at the table, we saw the same group enjoying their drinks before us. We didn’t think much about it and started perusing the menu to decide what we wanted. We waited and waited but no one came to our table to take our order, I believe it was after almost 20 or so mins, one of my friends and I went to reception to ask if someone was going to attend us or not. After that, a waitress came to our table and asked for our order, we asked if we could get water without ice and she just bolted away saying she would get us water and didnt take our order. We waited another 15 mins or so to receive two jugs of less water and more ice lol. She still didnt take our order. We waited almost 30 mins after this and at this point, we were frustrated. My friend and I again went to the reception to ask what was going on and then the manager I believe said he would get us water lmao, he wasnt even listening to what we said and was just stating that they were clammed that day. They have designated waitresses for areas and our area had just two tables filled and the other group had food and everything at their table. We just politely said we would like to leave and left. I have never faced any incidents like this ever and hence I am writing this review to let everyone know that only if youre from this country you will be treated well here.
It's old and a bit musty. Two people, one appetizers, one pizza,two sodas OVER $50.00
Cyd is an amazing server!
Been eating here for years, never disappointed!
We had a great experience! I felt the drinks were a bit over priced for the size and they didn't seem to have much alcohol in them but we still enjoyed them.

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