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Family-friendly chain restaurant featuring Italian entrees along with a wide beer selection.

250 Northgate Mall Space
Chattanooga, TN 37343

Recent Reviews

Door dasher here. I’ve been waiting by the booth to even tell the name of my order. Wouldn’t matter anyway, they never have the order ready. It’s always a 5-20 minute wait. Terrible TERRIBLE service.
(Sunday July 9th 2023 approx. 6:15pm or so) I had not been here in a few year myself, so me and my ex-wife decided to stop in (her first time here). The long and short of it was, the chicken wings were A-1 perfect! The service was also good. Buttt, they didn’t have the pizza dough crust size that I wanted (medium thin). I didn’t know that.. So I said “well can you make one up anyway, I mean it’s just pizza dough..” The waitress said she didn’t know and would get the manager if I liked. I said yes do that. When she walked away I told my ex-wife, that’s the loudest speaking waitress I’ve EVER heard lol! And she agreed. I said everyone in this restaurant including people sitting outside know what we just tried to order!🤣 Manager came along and said they didn’t make medium thin crust, only small or large (like OTHER pizza crust options on the menu, which is definitely a Chicago Pizza size CHOICE error). But, they have DEEPDISH in ALL of the sizes???🤔 Ok… Anyway, I said well it’s just dough, can you make me a medium anyway perhaps? She said they didn’t have the dough proofed etc.. (I was thinking, just put the “proofed large thin crust” in a medium pan and cut away the extra dough, Waaa-Laaa!!) But maybe that was just too difficult of a task and ask of a “pizza parlor..” ROCKET SCIENCE!!🚀😂 So I said politely, no problem but thanks, we’re leaving. So she then graciously said, we can make you a large deepdish instead and charge you for a medium. That sounded enticing but I really wanted a thin crust. And after looking, the large thin crust and large deepdish were both the same exact price anyway, so I said give me thin instead.. But this nice lady manager still would not freaking budge on giving me a large thin crust after going back & forth about it, haha!???? Which was exactly in-tune to what I actually tried to originally order.. I’m trying to cut carbs. I was still about to walk out but since we were hungry I said ok just make the large deepdish, geezzz (I’m thinking) lol.. The wings came out. Then salad (we split). Then the large deepdish came. I ordered Canadian Bacon, Beef, and Mushrooms as toppings, with mozzarella as the cheese. Then the lady manager brings us fresh grated Parmesan cheese! Okkk… She said that she liked cheese so she hooked me up with a bit extra. I was more than gracious and showed my appreciation to her. She was a newer Manager she said when I asked. She even said that she made our pizza herself.. Anyway, we both ate ONE slice each and needless to say, we were immediately full! And being that I was hungry I didn’t pay attention to the pizza as well as I should have, but it was basically pizza dough, sauce, extra cheese, but barely “ANY” of the “real deal,” which is TOPPINGS! CiCi’s pizza puts more meat on their $6 pizzas than what she gave us!!!!😳🤣 Didn’t know this until we got home because of ALL the cheese, so we basically got a SMALL in “toppings” but a LARGE in BREAD and CHEESE!😳 You “got me!”🤣 I still left a decent tip anyway like always.. But ALWAYS go with your 1st instincts, LEAVE. Still very appreciative that the manager TRIED at least! I’m just a guy on google reviews being truthful and honest about “OUR” experience.. But that pizza was not good at all! Scale of (1-10) I’ll give it a 2, I’m serious. The dough also seemed doughy and not cooked through well.. I would still probably give this place another “go at it” one day in the distant future “if” it’s still around by then.. Because not having pizzas in all sizes is definitely not a good business strategy! She (Mgr) wouldn’t give me a large thin crust for the price of the medium I wanted, NOPE, only a doughy deepdish for you Buddy!!! Bon Appetite!🤣
Ordered a margarita and it came in a water glass( small) and when it came it tasted like sweet syrup sauce, so sweet it was horrible and couldn't taste any tequila. $10 for this and Ordered shot of tequila and small half shot size $6.50Put the shot in and still only sweet yucky taste.
The $9.99 lunch deal is the best in town. The pizza is good and the salad is delicious.
Food used to be much better. This little personal pizza , five wings, and 2 coke set me back $28
I asked the waitress how many slices in A medium pizza. She told me 9 Slices. I was very hungry and thought what I don't eat I could bring home. When the pizza came I was very disappointed and felt Ripped Off. The entire pizza was about 8 inches in diameter and sliced into 9 pieces with many not even having cheese. Since I waited 15-20 minutes I just ate it and left. I will never go to another Old Chicago Pizza again. Total Ripoff
Food was good. The Buffalo rolls had a kick but not too bad, I’ve always felt like people try and really lay on the buffalo flavoring but here they didn’t which was great! The staff was also friendly! I defiantly recommend a visit!

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