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2250 Front St
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

Recent Reviews

To preface, I didn’t want to write a bad review. I reached out TWICE to reconcile bad service—once to a help-email provided online, another time to the owner himself. I heard nothing back. Therefore, I decided to leave this review for customers to take note. First and foremost, I wanted to say that this restaurant has many great qualities. Me and my girlfriends frequented the restaurant on Wednesday nights for trivia and had really good food. However, the staff is absolutely abhorrent. And I mean atrocious. The first night of horrible customer service was when our server came to our table and told us we had to leave an hour before the posted closing time. She was super passive aggressive and said she was “tired” and that “we were the last table therefore we had to leave.” She noticed our drinks were still full and even suggested we visit bars nearby! Nice! The second occurrence of this horrible service was something I cannot even fathom happened in the first place. On the night we visited, hoping to give the place another chance, the employees once again tried kicking us out early. Only this time, there was a man screaming and singing “closing time” from the bar. Added onto this, there was a worker that started TURNING the lights ON AND OFF!!! While we were sitting there??? Other customers noticed this and left immediately. Since it was still not closing time, we tried finishing our drinks. The same woman flickering the lights came to our table, grabbed our stuff, and said she was locking up. My friend then questioned about the closing time, and the worker replied “we close early on Sundays.” It was a WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Pissed at this point, we all walked out, drinks unfinished. The same man singing earlier screamed at us while we were walking out. Never. Never have I felt such blatant disregard and disrespect as a customer. And as a server myself, shame on you all. We won’t be returning. And I suggest others withhold their business until this gets mitigated.
Waited over 20 minutes to be served by a bartender with barley any customers. She was in the corner talking to people rather than helping customers. Never came to check on us. Honesty this place used to be so fun and now it’s horrible.
Fantastic service, amazing tunes, great selection of brews. Megan was a stellar barkeep.
The food and drinks are amazing. I crave them all the time especially the burgers but the service is so 50/50. I've had fast or decent service with a nice waiter. I've had some visits that we were seated in what felt like the corner and ignored for a good 20 minutes and no it wasn't packed. If you have the patience it's worth it just don't be on a time limit.
Normal pub food and great brews
Very cool spot ..great service...drinks and staff

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