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5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Hawaii-influenced American fare served in an upmarket coastal-chic bistro with sidewalk seating.

65 Grand Central Ave
Lavallette, NJ 08751

Recent Reviews

Mahi Mahi oh my! Excellent service . Ohana Grill is very unique... a must try when in Lavalette .
Absolutely loved this restaurant! The food was so amazing. They had so many gluten free options and also many daily specials for appetizers and dinners. All the staff were very friendly and our server was great too. Yes there is limited parking (it's Lavallette, small beach town wth do you expect?) And guess what calms live in the ocean (the kitchen staff cannot get out every damn piece of sand) I truly hate people that leave reviews like that!!!! So if you'd love a great, fresh, amazing meal this is the local spot. We will be back again and we will leave another seller review!!! Don't let people's bitterness on wait time stear you away from this restaurant.
My spouse and I were at this establishment in September and both of our meals were delicious. The service was very good. See you again, when we are in the area.
It pains me to provide a less than stellar rating given we have wanted to try Ohana for over a year and even made a reservation over a week ago all based on the other stellar reviews. Maybe they’re having an off day. We arrived a couple minutes ahead of our 5:15 reservation and was greeted with a mixed welcome. A bright smile from a blonde hostess and a scowl from a brunette in a Lilly Pulitzer dress. I had asked about if parking was allowed in one of the numbered spots but was told no and then immediately asked to wait outside given the small entrance way. No problem since my husband was already looking for parking. We waited a few minutes, my husband had arrived and then was called by the blonde but immediately told a mistake was made and it wasn’t our turn to be seated. So we patiently waited at least another ten minutes. My husband went inside to inquire and was told our party wasn’t here and they couldn’t seat us per policy- he said he was the final person and he was there when the error in calling my name was made. And the policy was never stated when we were sent to wait outside. I got the scallops risotto and it was DELICIOUS. We also enjoyed the clams in wine (a couple had sand) and the pretzels with raspberry mustard. My older son’s cheeseburger kids meal was great. My younger son’s chicken fingers were super dark, but after re ordering he ate them and was pleasantly surprised at the tenderness. Sadly, the clams in the Thai curry were super sandy for my mom and husband. The coconut rice was al dente, much to my Asian mother’s dismay. My MIL’s stir fry didn’t state it was spicy yet it was riddled with tiny spicy pepper pieces. Our server Nikki was an angel, it was a trying meal for some of my party given the above and she was so kind and patient. Lastly, the women’s bathroom was out of paper towels before I walked in, I notified the staff and it wasn’t replenished by the time my mother and MIL stopped in… which just added more fuel to the fire. Sigh.
Best in the area by far.
Our server was nice. Food was mediocre at best. I order the “jumbo lump crab cakes”. I had to ask our server if she gave me the right dish. It didn’t taste or look anything like crab. $32 for breadcrumbs and peppers with a bland corn salsa under it. Don’t advertise “jumbo lump crabmeat” when you don’t provide it. Terrible. We also had an issue with a very rude waitress outside (older woman short hair and glasses) when we mistakenly tried the front door to get in. She told us that the entrance was around the side and “most people notice the large sign in the front”. By the way, the sign was broken and standing up against the side of the restaurant when we looked. Not in front where we could see it. Would not recommend.

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