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Stalwart strip-mall eatery features traditional Chinese cuisine in a comfortable, low-key interior.

37 S Livernois Rd
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Recent Reviews

I don’t suggest you eat here if you are black. Very nasty food and waiter was very rude and we paid for 3 meals and only one meal was ate. We now have to find food somewhere else.
If you're in the mood for Chinese cuisine, HERE'S YOUR PLACE!!!! Great food and lots of it, top notch service and a tremendous lay out of Chinese atmosphere.
All this for 22 bucks, amazing place and really good orange chicken!! Highly recommend
I love Oceania!!!! The food is great, staff is super friendly and they have very reasonable prices. I go to Oceania at least once a week and anytime I can get someone to go with me. I usually get AC5 with squid. If you like calamari..try AC5 with squid! I used to really like calamari, but since I found this dish at Oceania I don't like eating squid/calamari anywhere else. Their combo meals which include soup and an egg roll are a great value. Also, their portions are very generous. Finally, the dining room in their new location is much nicer than the one in their old location. So, if you haven't been to Oceania in awhile or if you have never been, you need to go. Just make sure they save a table for me!
We have had some good meals from Oceania but last night was not one of them! I came in to order and waited to make sure the food was hot. When I returned home after a 5 mile drive the food was barely warm. The order we received was not the order we placed and was inedible. We threw the meal in the garbage and I called to speak to someone about a refund. The lady that I spoke to said “if we refunded money to everyone that complained we would go out of business”. She said that I needed to bring the remainder of the food in for a refund so the cooks could look at it. I said I would happily bring the garbage bag in and she told me NOT to bring it in. She could only offer half the amount but I had to come in. When I drove back to Oceania the gentleman behind the counter said I needed to bring the food in for a full refund! The lady I talked to would not even look at me and I told him she told me NOT TO BRING IT IN!! There are too many places to spend your money on great food……this is no longer one of them.
Negative reviews are never without reason. Today, I'd like to leave a review, and I'm not inclined to give a positive one. My son and I went to this place for dinner today, and I ordered a kids' meal for my son. It was supposed to include an entree, milk, and ice cream. The purpose of ordering this meal was to encourage my three-year-old to finish his dinner so he could have ice cream afterward. However, in the end, we only received the entree, and when I asked about the milk and ice cream, the server informed me that they were both unavailable... the ice cream machine was broken, and they had run out of milk. So, why didn't they inform me when I placed the order? The server apologized profusely and said the kids' meal would be comped. However, when it came time to pay, I was charged the full amount. As I left the restaurant and sat in the car, I became more and more upset. Why did I have to pay the full amount when we didn't receive everything we ordered? So, I returned to the restaurant and had a heated argument with them, and in the end, they refunded one dollar. The whole process was very unpleasant. Now, let's talk about the food. The ingredients were not fresh, and the taste was subpar. If you want to enjoy authentic and delicious Chinese food, go elsewhere. If you're in the mood for dim sum, head to Cheng's Restaurant. The taste there is a hundred times better!
The Eggrolls Were Really Disgusting It Had No Taste. I Feed 4 People And Everyone Said That They Didn't Like The Food. The Rice Also Looked Like Brown Rice And It Didn't Look Fried This Establishment Use To Be Really Good In The 90s What Happened
Great service, reasonable prices, friendly service. Check out the combo Family meals !!!! Please support this new location
I tell little lady to order some food and I will come pick it up after work and to get some kind of a family meal. As the guy is preparing the bags I am shaking my head. Then he tells me that the total is only 38 bucks. This was A LOT of food. I get the food home and everything is really good. If you are looking to feed 4-5 people for cheap I definitely recommend this place. Good atmosphere too. Five stars

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