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107 SW Interstate Ave
Chehalis, WA 98532

Recent Reviews

I've never been to this place before in chehalis Wa. I arrived after lunchtime on Veterans Day with my two younger kids. We noticed the parking lot almost entirely empty so we wondered if they were even open. We were promptly seated, got some sodas and a quick appetizer. Then, pretty quickly, we received our orders. My son got there burger, my daughter got a siezer salad, and I got the prime dip. It was all very good, hot and delicious. We were full_no need for desert to which I actually felt the tinge of harrases as I emediately told her NO, we dont need no desert; she continued to spout off about what they had for deserts; I briefly glimpsed that she wasn't very happy that we had had enouph and didn't wanna partake in a desert. I asked for a to_go box for the rest of my sons burger and the bill. She emediately went and got our bill, but forgot my sons to_go box; I had it covered I would not forget, I put my card in the bill holder; she came back and took it; still no to_go box. She finally returned with the signature copy for my bill and she still didn't have the to_go box and I made sure again to let her know that we needed a to_go box. She apologized and finally brought one out. I looked at my bill and they had added a mandatory gratuity, but down at the bottom, she had circled their "tip scale." Bullcrap!* you wanna mandatory force gratuity. Then I will only add a small amount for a "tip" you dont get both!! As we left, there was only about one or two other diners there. We didn't even get anything exorbinantly expensive. and with the little I gave them for a "tip" 3 people eating, my bill still came to $85 it was Veterans day too, but not afforded any discount for being a veteran.
El fin de semana disfrutamos de un delicioso steak juntamente con mi familia en OceanPrimeFamilyRestaurant en Chehalis WA. y tuvimos el privilegio de conocer a su Dueño y Chef Eyner... Nacido en Guatemala y Hoy Recide en en el estado de Washington el cual hoy es Un orgullo Chapin que pone en Alto el Nombre de Guatemala con su amabilidad y el delicioso Sabor que lo caracteriza Lo Recomiendo 100%
Was a really fine meal with a very nice presentation. Also has breakfast and lunch menu. Wheelchair accessibility: They have stairs and no ramp, but may have access to the lounge.
Ate here for my birthday. The food and service was superior!! Highly recommend!
Food was amazing. Chowder was from scratch. Fish and chips were very fresh. Little pricey but delicious food. Server was not very attentive. Asked more than once to be able to review the dinner menu. Finally brought to us after we asked again. It was not overly busy. No coffee refill offered either
We (4 of us) stopped here on our way to Oak Harbor WA. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! Very clean and quiet. It was 1045 am so we all had different thing burger was delicious breakfast omelet was perfect and kido had chicken fingers and fries . Coffee was good refills without asking. Waitress was awesome checking in few times if we needed anything and came and asked if we needed to go boxes. Remembered kids names said goodbye to as were leaving. Used restrooms and they were sparkling clean also. Felt like we were visiting friends not a strange restaurant. We will be back thanks for the wonderful service and food. Parking: Lots of parking close to to door Kid-friendliness: Kids menu
The food and service was great. We expected to have more seafood options on the menu.
Had a wonderful breakfast! Huge portions and absolutely delicious!

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