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3903-I Fair Ridge Dr
Fairfax, VA 22033

Recent Reviews

I went during happy hour on Tuesday around 4pm. I ordered Chorizo Mussels which were excellent. However, the restaurant was empty, the bartender wandered off to sit on one of the tables, and extra bread to soak up the mussel gravy cost me $8
Overall good seafood and service. A dozen oysters for $12 weekday special.
I’m taking away a star because of the rude waitress when we walked in the door. We had reservations (not needed). The restaurant was completely empty and the hostess went to sit up at a table (we had a baby in a car seat) and some female waitress from behind the bar starts saying “not right there it’s reserved.” She keep saying it and her tone was not kind. The hostess was apologizing. My family and I looked confused and just wanted to be told where we could sit in this EMPTY restaurant. A gentleman had walked from behind the bar and apologized again. I think he noticed our expressions from the uninviting waitress. I stated I would just like to know where we can sit so we can sit down. Her rudeness really changed the entire energy. Our waitress Michelle was sweet. Now the food…amazing!! We had the calamari for an appetizer and it was really good. Not heavily breaded. I ordered a seafood platter and everything was cooked to perfection. My partner and my mom also enjoyed there dishes as well. Ordered a margarita that was good as well. Didn’t care for my partner’s sangria though. Portions are a decent size you won’t have enough to take any home. Food was great and it’s hard to find places with delicious food. They have it. But not sure if we will return since it may be unclear if seating will be an issue.
Lots of promise. Some hits some misses for the cost. I'll come often but order carefully.
A restaurant whose staff genuinely cares about the quality of food and service will make sure they ask the customer how everything is, especially at $95 a plate. I had the king crab, which admittedly was the most expensive dish, but with a total bill of $210 for 2 people who left hungry, I would have expected something amazing in terms of service or atmosphere. This place lacked both. The photo shows the Paradise Seafood Tower and the king crab plate, both disappointing, but if someone had just asked how it was, I'd probably think more highly of this restaurant.
The food here is okay. There wasn't anything that was bad. In fact, the oyster rockefeller was one of the best I ever had. It had salty savory bites of bacon, sweet crisp bites of white onion, and plenty of cheese. But everything else was bland. I had the Baltimore something, and it was just bland. Minus the crab cake. That was filled with salt and old bay. My fiancée had the lobster ravioli, and the sauce was definitely made earlier in the day. It started to separate by the time we arrived around 8pm. But she licked her plate practically. Lol But the food was really fresh and juicy. It just lacked seasoning for me. Michelle was killing it. She was super friendly and deserves 5 stars. She was helping two peeps at the bar, family of 5 and two couples. She was making the drinks too and they tasted great. We will be back, I will just have to try something else.

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