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Informal spot featuring over-the-top grilled cheese sandwiches, plus beer, wine & cocktails.

4206 Worth Ave
Columbus, OH 43219

Recent Reviews

Food was good American bar style food service was a little slow as they are understaffed it took them about 15 minutes before they even came over and greeted us and that's not even including how long we had to wait to be seated they have really large portions I had the fried mozzarella and the buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese our server was nice and friendly
I had great service when we went. Quickly sat and ordered food. Our tables good came out quickly but the Mac and cheese was pretty dry and my sandwich tasted really good but didn't have as much meat on it as it has in the past. The French fries were cut extra small it seemed but were good
Hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had at a restaurant. I’m not from the area, and I was very excited to try the vegan options. Our waitress asked us what we would like to drink, and when my girlfriend asked for an alcoholic drink, she asked to check her ID. After staring at it for some time, she began bending it, and asking her to recite her address. After she correctly stated her own address, the waitress put it on the table and walked away without saying another word. At this point we were completely thrown off and upset. We sat there in complete confusion until we were approached by another waiter who again asked to check her ID. He further examined it by scratching the corner with his fingernail, and then bending it extremely forcefully. After this he conduced it was not fake, and informed us they “just like to double check.” At this point we were so shaken up we got up from our table and walked out. We feel embarrassed and upset and now have to find a new place to eat.
Food was heavy and portion size large but quality was very average.
Not sure where to start on this one. We arrived at 11 and were just the second table seated. One would have thought the service would have been much fast due to no one being there. The waiter seemed more interested in his phone that service. It took a full hour from coming in the door to paying. My wife ordered pirogies that when they were brought out were soft and not crisp at all. I have the Lake Erie monster that was so so. The bread was not very toasted and the breading on the fish stuck to the bread. My fries were cold like they had been reheated from the day before. We both agreed to not return.
I’m one to totally understand busy. It took over 1 hour to get my takeout. I get that. BUT, my sandwich was thrown together, the chicken strips were burnt, they didn’t give me the sauces and chocolate milk I ordered. Didn’t realize it until I got home. Worst takeout ever. Ugh
Always an enjoyable time.

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