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5:00 AM - 11:00 PM
5:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

3873 S Division St
Wyoming, MI 49548

Recent Reviews

Probably the worst McDonald's in Gr. Horrible service. Very poor management and customer skills.
Shouldn't have to wait over 10 minutes in line for a Sprite! And then get attitude when I ask why it takes so long to get a Sprite thru drive thru. Every where you go nowadays you see posters or signs telling patrons and customers to behave and not treat employees disrespectful and yet employees are being disrespectful. Seems a particular manager there gets upset when she had to work. I assume it's just pick up the slack from what they all say is missing one employee to open both drive thrus at night. Of course, last week Friday before school started (August 18th 2023) was unfreaking believable in Wayland alone smh everyone loss their minds.
Same old same old, Kid-friendliness: Good place for kids party
I pull up to the speaker and the girl says I can take your order. I tell her that the menu screen is stuck on the pull forward screen and I would like to see the menu. She says I can still take your order. I say I want to look at the menu. She says I can still take your order. I say I need to see the menu and she starts lising off things I know they have. I explain that I need to look at the menu and she says the same thing again so I said well if I can't see the menu I will go somewhere else thanks. She says ok. Not one apology, not an effort to fix the problem. Just rudeness and refusal to try to fix the issue. I am very disappointed.
They will mess your order up you will drive home thinking bc your sandwich says steak egg sub round egg sub mc muffin that’s what you got! You will get home get comfortable and boom it’s a sausage sub round egg sub mc muffin. Then you will eat it or drive back I drove back bc that’s what I paid for. I simply asked for a free strawberry shake for the inconvenience and they told me that’s not how it works. But if they would’ve got it right the first I wouldn’t have had to come back. If I go back bc this is the 2nd time this location has messed up my order same sandwich same situation. I will just get the burritos.
Clean, great service! The only issue I had was that in the playroom bathroom, there is no diaper changing station. I had to use a bench in the dining room or go out to my hot car...not ideal but everything else is great! Kid-friendliness: Big clean play place!

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