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6:00 AM - 11:00 PM
6:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

121 N York Rd
Hatboro, PA 19040

Recent Reviews

The experience was ok
My husband ordered a spicy chicken sandwich w/o pickles. What he received was just a piece of breaded chicken on a bun. Nothing else. No lettuce, no tomato, no sauce. Very disappointing.
I'm very particular about my food, the manager that opened the store that day was too casual for my liking. I drove up to place my order, and he was very, very short. The "uhmm, alright, okay" type of responses to pretty much get me out of the way it felt. Maybe they're short staffed and trying to prep all of the food, cool I get it, no worries. I ordered a hi-c drink and was given a super pale orange drink. I poked my straw in to take a sip, and it tasted like nothing but water. As a black person, I'm very mindful of how I react in situations like these, unfortunately. So I said, "Hey, I'm sorry, but this tastes like water." his response? "Hmm, I figured." and took it back. HUH? If you knew it was watered down, why the hell... ok, so now, at this point, this is holding up the line. I see a pickup truck behind me and possibly another vehicle, and I hate situations like these. Everyone is out of view trying to figure out the fountain machine, etc. He comes back with a full drink without a lid. Lifting it high up in the air, comparing it to the previous drink... having side conversations, fulfilling orders on the mic while touching everything with his hands. Then he grabs a lid for my drink and asks me to try that one. My appetite is gone at that point, I sip and say "ehh..." because it still did not taste right. He mentioned that it's new syrup, etc. Never an apology. I respectfully drive off, take a bite out of my hashbrown, and it's stale! Good grief. Hard pass on this McDonald's.
Don't use curbside with this McDonald's. Waited 25 minutes at location. Finally went in store saw my order there. Waited another 5 minutes for someone to listen to me. I heard one worker at the drive thru pick up window say that he does not speak english. Food was cold. Milkshake was like warm milk. Guy said to me ahh we're busy. Your food should be ok. Wrong. Stay away from this one. Seriously
Great consistency in the quantity of the Big Breakfast.
I usually like this McDonald's but I felt like the customer service last night was lacking. I ordered two hot fudge sundaes and the fudge wasn't hot. I actually think it was chocolate syrup.

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