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Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

721 Buchanan Trl E
Greencastle, PA 17225

Recent Reviews

When through drive thru, very slooooow. Back on the road and find I have cold coffee
Where to begin? First, why can’t they ever turn the outside lights on? It makes the parking lot very dark, un-safe, and un-inviting. The staff is extremely hit or miss. A few of them are nice and courteous but most seem like the customers are an annoyance. You may as well order a small fry. Even large orders contain about the same size. Pull the container from the bag and hold it up and Atleast 90% of the time it will look like an empty box. The amount of salt is usually ridiculous as well. You will wait for an extremely long time regardless the line. If there are already 3-4 cars expect to be Atleast 25-30 minutes. Not to sound rude but whoever puts the sandwiches together needs some extra target practice. Rarely will it be a presentable sandwich. I don’t expect what the pictures display when ordering but Atleast have the burger inside the roll. (Although sometimes I am glad they put meat on it period… I have had numerous burgers where a triple became a double and a double became a single and have even had sandwiches that were a vegetarian delight because it contained no meat at all). Drinks are always sloppy with soda running down the sides… the carrier for drinks is so flimsy I ask for 2 of them so they hand hold 4 large drinks. Maybe I am also just old school but courtesy is becoming a rare thing. When leaving and I say “thank you” very rarely will I get a response and if I do it’s usually a “sure thing” or “you betcha” or a similar phrase. Make sure to get a receipt! You will need it. Check your order before you leave and expect to have to go in and try to get your order correct. Of course by the time they correct your order the rest of the family has either already eaten or have waited on you to return and they now have cold meals. Definitely not a family friendly atmosphere that asks for its customers to return. Oh, why all the parking places for customers to pull up and wait for their order when they are never asked to do so. Parking: Why make spaces for customers to wait in while in the drive thru when they are NEVER used? People just pull up about 10-15 feet and sit along the curb. Then the entire line sits still after that point.
No one knows what they are doing. the day of 50 cent burger they are working on drive up. I go inside and waited 10 mins for burger and 2 drinks I ordered on app. Everyone is slow, unfriendly and no clue what to do. I've seen bad McDonald's but this is the WORST.
When did quarter pounders start coming in pieces?? My family ordered multiple quarter pounders, and each one was broken into pieces…not just like being cut into halves, but my particular one came in 6 pieces of varying sizes!! Makes me wonder if they just pulled the pieces out of the trash and put them onto the bun like a jigsaw puzzle!! Absolutely ridiculous that someone can’t slide a spatula under a burger of any size and flip a burger without mutilating it!! Their response…waste our time and money traveling back to get a free replacement!! Absolutely no care in any way about their performance!!
Clean and fast
We went though the drive-thru the other night right after the high school football game. It was an hour before close. The line was long and I was pleased to find the order was perfect, the food was hot and done correctly even with a special request. The kids were hustling and did a great job. We did have a wait but that was to be expected with the flood of customers. I just wanted to let the team know they did a great job.
I mean, it was average McDonald's. Always good as normal

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