El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant
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Burritos, margaritas & other Mexican basics served in a casual, colorful shop with painted tables.

1700 Philadelphia Pike
Wilmington, DE 19809

Recent Reviews

Vegetarian options: Consistently good
Service was terrible! Waited about 20 minutes just for my drink order. My daiquiri wasn't frozen it was very watery and lacked flavor. Ordered Quesoo but never received it. My fajitas were ok but that's about it I won't be returning I'll try another Mexican spot.
Nice looking place as I walked in and kinda empty , nobody was there to seat me. So I walk up to the counter and there’s about four employees there and they don’t seem concerned that I walked in or if I exist. One asked me what I wanted ( kinda rude as if I was an inconvenience ) I said I would like to dine in. He disappeared and then an actual server comes out from the back kitchen area and then she seats me. I ordered the chili Relanto. So one of the ways to gauge a good Mexican restaurant is by the chips and sals imo and It’s usually on point. I get my chips and salsa and the chips pretty bland, the salsa wasn’t even in the same class as salsa it was more like a cheap tomato sauce with no flavor. Not looking good at this point. My meal comes out, I go for the beans at first and they’re ok then I try the chili Relanto and it’s absolutely horrible. It’s got the same so-called fake salsa sauce on it, the cheese no better, the pepper isn’t fresh and whatever it’s wrapped and baked in had a foul taste, it was really bad . The server came to check on me and she asked if everything was good. I said no politely and the food wasn’t good at all. So no efforts to fix the situation on her part I ended the discussion paid my bill and left. So for $15.75 + a $3 tip I got a few bites of so so beans, chips, an unsweetened tea.
This food was delicious, spectacular, jumpin, truly authentic Mexican food
The shrimp ceviche, oh my god. Everything is so good
We just came from there and the mariachi was playing . He was great. It was a great dinner and even better show. He was really playing to his audience. Had a great night with the hubby.
The food was delicious and it came out quickly. I ordered the Bistec Ranchero had it several times at different Mexican restaurants but here it was slightly different but not in a bad way, maybe a little spicier but still delicious. The prices are quite reasonable and the service was great.
Went for lunch. Food was ok not great. There was only one other customer. We were not even once checked by our waiter. At the end, they added 18% tip. Such a rip off for NO Service. Go to another place. Don’t go here guys.
Not sure what the hype is about. Worse comarones de Diablo ever. Basically, I had dry shrimps thrown in tomato sause. Rice were dry. For a party of 4 they included an 18 % gratuity, even though the menu doesn't mention it. On top of that the server couldn't understand the food my wife was teying to order. She was trying to convert a meat burrito to a vegetarian one. Server said she is "peruvian" not mexican and will get someone else to help. Well the help was even worse !! I still would have given a 10 % tip, which still would have a generous one given the terrible service. I asked for a refill on salsa, never got it ! Server spilled water in my son's tray while putting it on the table. Made the fries and quesdilla moist, but she didn't even say sorry, let alone change the food tray. Ordered 2 margaritas, that were basically juice and ice with little to no alchohol. Wont recommend based on my experience.

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