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11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
11:00 AM - 10:00 AM
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Family-friendly Mexican chain serving up a menu of burritos, enchiladas & other classic fare.

1200 Brown St
Dayton, OH 45409

Recent Reviews

My tip is base on the service I received. On this day the service was bad,( I did not receive silverware, I had to asked for salsa ) when the bill came, they would not take the $5 gratuity off so I paid in cash minus gratuity’s.
Had a lovely time, the food was great, hostess was quick and attentive. Only problem I had was the music was entirely too loud and not like an old man too loud I mean shaking my drink when the beat drops loud but seems like someone was having a birthday at the bar so it didn’t bother me too much
We were only in town for a few days, but we really wanted to eat at a good Mexican restaurant, so we decided on this one in the University viscinity. It was a little confusing on where to go and park, but once we figured that out and went around to the front of the building, we found our way in and were not disappointed. The atmosphere was great and felt like most typical Mexican restaurants I'm used to back in Wisconsin, but it was well decorated for Halloween and had a really good vibe when entering. We got a table right away and got to ordering. We were both hungry, but we knew we didn't want leftovers, so we split a chicken fajita quesadilla and bean dip for the chips and we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious everything was. It was some of the best Mexican-style food we've had in a long while, and the service was just top notch. I'll be recommending this place to all of my convention going friends even though its not exactly walking distance from the convention center, but as a dinner location after events? This would be ideal. We for sure will be going back to this location the next time we are in town. And this time, with a bigger appetite so we can try more of the amazing food!
Nice place for Mexican food
Crazy freaking loud in there. Turn the music off and it would be great. Edit: really, just turn it down a few notches. No one comes here for the authentic Mexican sounds, it's the food and drink we come for
This was my first time eating there. I had the fajita nachos, and they were just ok for me. The meat lacked seasoning/flavor. The server was really nice. I don't know if I'll go back or not. I may give it a second chance. My co-workers enjoyed and ate every bit of their food.
Our waitress was great and she's so cute and friendly. I didn't get her name but she's the young lady with braces. The food was good but expensive. Atmosphere was nice but the radio is very loud. Especially when ads come on. Otherwise, it was a nice lunch. Kid-friendliness: Activity menu with crayons.
Mediocre Mexican restaurant, but that's par for the course in Dayton. The food is pretty basic Mexican-American, and there are plenty of options, but none super exciting. Portion sizes are decent but not huge. Expect to spend around $30 and be a little underwhelmed. Vegetarian options: Several entrée options are vegetarian/vegan naturally, and almost any dish can be made without meat. Parking: Large free parking lot in the rear that serves the entire shopping area.

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