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8534 S Tacoma Way
Lakewood, WA 98499

Recent Reviews

Pretty authentic Salvador food that local people recommended. Since the food is made fresh, the wait time can be a bit long like more than 30min. The only issue is that I think they over charged me since two dishes and a few pupas costed $70 which is what we the top. Was with friend and I didn’t check until much later and already left the area. So Something to watch out for
Well, i tried it again and yeah. Im done with this place. They got my order wrong and shorted us on sides. I tipped 30% thinking the order was done correctly. Ill never go back again. Ive been going there for years and they used to be good. This place has good food but the service sucks. I have been going for years and they still keep outdated policies. Like I ordered 3 tamales and all I asked for was a little Tapatio on the side and they refused to give me any. They stated they have a sauce they make but I don't like it. All I wanted was a bit of Tapatio. I won't be giving them my money again. Also whan you order 4 pupusas they give you 1 small curtido/cabbage I ordered 8 pupusas and wanted and the extra curtido. They refused to give us that too. It costs them less that 10 cents to make me happy and I would kept on going to eat there but now I won't go back. I've decided to edit my review and give them a 1 star. I went back to them and ordered tamales and their tamales have a whole chicken leg! It is disgusting. Tamales are not supposed to have bones! I will never eat there again.
Excelente lugar la comida muy rica llevo visitando el lugar dos meses y todo esta muy rico el servicio de las meseras es muy bueno personal muy amable. Aveces un Poquito tardado pero se entiende porque tiene mucha clientela pero es mi lugar favorito se los recomiendo.
I had a really good experience at fast foo location. The food was good and quickly made. I ordered the food over the phone and was ready by the time I got there. I highly recommend people get into this location and try the food
Buenísima comida
Visita obligatoria cada que vengo a Tacoma a visitar a mi familia, su atole de elote es de mis favoritos y las popusas
The food was good. Service was good!

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