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10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Fast-food chain outpost known for Mexican classics made with fire-grilled chicken.

2330 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Recent Reviews

Every time i go through the drive thru they ask me to wait a second and then it takes them like 2 minutes to be ready. Then they have me pull into a parking spot to wait for my food when I was the only one in the drive thru and it took no joke 15 minutes for them to bring me out my food. I dont get what is going on at this location. This has happened twice now.
Sitting outside at 10:40am and the doors are locked...guess I'm eating McDonald's...
Waited 15 mins in the drive thru line then was told at the window after I paid to pull around to curbside pickup. Where again I sat for 25 mins waiting for my food to come out. Highly advise not wasting your time here.
Had to wait over 20 minutes for chicken to get done
Great chicken. Has a tostada salad and two thighs. It was great
Sunday morning. 10:30 am. Tried to go through drive thru. No response. Tried to enter via front door, it was locked. Instead there was a sticker to use the mobile app. Had 4-people to feed. Had to get the McDonald's. Way to go Pollo Loco. No business from us EVER again.....
Came to this El Pollo loco to enjoy a nice lunch in their dining room there are plenty of people in there enjoying their meal but the doors are locked and they're telling me I cannot come in I have to go through the drive-thru. First of all how you got all your doors locked with people inside isn't that a safety hazard!? This made me so irritated I don't even ever want to eat at El Pollo loco ever again.
I love the food, but that’s because of the franchise standards, not this specific location. That being said, this particular location is horrible. I’ve given it zero stars for service because they don’t know the meaning of it. It’s the closest location to our house so we’ve given them multiple chances even though each time something goes wrong. This last time was tonight. Placed the order with the app and it said it’d be ready in 5-9 minutes. At 10 minutes I’m in the drive-thru at the menu board (they’ve asked me to wait while the handle the 1, only 1, car that is already ahead of me), so I wait, and wait some more. Finally the kid asks for my order and I give him my name for an order on the app. He tells me to come to the window and as so I pull around (that other car in front of me is pulling away). I get to the window and he tells me it’s not ready yet and to pull around to the front, where they’ll bring it out to me. So now I’m waiting in the front and I can see clearly inside. From the lack of speed or attention I’ve experienced so far I figured they were understaffed but no, there are 4-5 people inside working. Only 2 customers inside dining, and the sporadic customer in the drive-thru. My 5-9 minute order is now coming up on the 20 minute mark with no sign of life heading my way as I watch them leisurely wander around the counter and kitchen areas. Frustrated now, I go inside and up to the side of the counter. The “kid” who was unhelpful in the drive-thru window is now over here playing with the register. He finally looks up and I ask him if my order is ready and without checking anything he says “no, it’s not”. My frustration and skepticism is very apparent on my face as he wanders away, finally speaking to someone else there. Then goes to the counter where bagged orders are sitting waiting. Surprise, surprise!!! My order is just sitting there. He brings it over and says “have a nice day”, if I wasn’t a grown adult I would have flipped him off. I’ve worked in F&B, I’m a reasonable person and respect what anyone doing this job has to go through, especially working in fast food. The employees at this location though … they are the laziest, most unmotivated, disrespectful group of individuals … it’s almost like they’re trained to be failures. So after giving this location more than 10 chances we’re giving up on them. It’s worth it to drive farther and give our business to a different franchise.

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