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100 W Duval Mine Rd
Green Valley, AZ 85614

Recent Reviews

Food is disgusting, i have a theory for this, i believe they cook their meats similar to hospital cafeterias. Since their clientele is mostly old people, the dont use salt or any condiments to keep their hypertensive patients happy. Service sucked the few times we went here, they are mainly interested (again) in the old people that show up, maybe cause they know thats the crowd that will keep them in business
4 star Mexican food... No mames guey. Green Valley is the last place in AZ to visit for great mexican food. It's all American-Mexican food meant for old people that have fun pronouncing "salsa". This place is no exception. Do yourself a favor and drive the extra 20 minutes into town for some birria tacos or fantastic menudo rojo mi amigos. Parking: There's plenty of parking...
Stopped in on Sunday morning at 9am. They were about half full with customers. Ordered Chorizo and eggs. My order came out in less than 2 mins. However, after one bite it was obvious that my food had been sitting for quite a while. It was cold. Not even lukewarm. I pointed this out to the server, who took it back to the kitchen. Instead of making my meal fresh, when she came back, it was obvious they had simply re- heated it. Obviously, they simply do not care. There are plenty of Mexican restaurants around. Try a different one.
Decided to give this place a try , this is a so-called Super Nachos never again, and to top it off I've never heard of this before but they charged you want another basket of chips salsa was good service was ok staff were very friendly, but food not IMHOP not worth it. But decide for yourself.
The food was very good, and the quantity was excellent for the prices. The enchiladas were jam packed full of high quality meat, and the salsa for the chips was fresh and delicious.
I had a recent birthday catered by El Patio. I ordered tacos and fajitas. I requested half chicken, half beef and a vegetarian platter. They gave us a ton of food, including all the condiments, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, pico de gallo, salsa, beans and rice. It was fabulous! The party was a hit and so was the food! Thank you!
06/24/23. Service was great and food also but when we paid, in cash, when she returned our "change" there were no coins only bills shorted me .21 cent and my cohort .36 cent. We tipped and included the coins as a part of it SMH 08/24/22. This place has changed much since my last review the service there this afternoon was very poor took forever to get our drinks and then the food wasn't even the quality that I'm so used to with this restaurant the chips we were served to the table were stale and the sauce didn't have the flavor that it's usually had usually had it just it just wasn't like it has been very disappointed ......... Authentic Mexican taste and atmosphere Charming and cozy

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