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8100 Macon Station
Memphis, TN 38118

Recent Reviews

This was my first time eating at the restaurant. I must say, thoroughly impressive. The food was good, and the staff was very friendly.
This place was a huge disappointment! The fool was flavorless. Nothing was seasoned. The Cilantro lime rice was basic white rice with a piece of Cilantro for garnish. The queso was melted Velveeta cheese. The bartender was nice and very apologetic. The management? Not so much. Would NOT recommend.
PROS Decor: The decor is cute and colorful. Staff: Ty and Jacob were great! They were super friendly! God bless them! Food: They do have lunch specials if you want to try it out but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Food: The queso was soooo good! CONS 1. Food: I was not impressed by the food. I went twice. The first time I got a power bowl with Habanero Shrimp. It wasn’t super yummy nor horrible. It was just ok. The second time I tried the smoked chicken taco, which was not delicious at all, a shrimp taco I believe, which again was ok, and the fried chicken taco (which the waitress brought me after sending the smoked chicken back). The fried chicken taco was also just ok. It was the best option of everything that I had though. 2. Outdoor Seating: The outdoor seating area is a nice place to sit, but I think that there needs to be an umbrella to block the sun at each table. Overall, it’s a cool spot for lunch, but it was not overwhelming.
I wish I could rate the food here, but I never got to eat it! The menu looks good, and we were anxious to try it. We arrived at 5:40 pm. Nobody is at the front to greet you, so we stood awkwardly until we caught the attention of the ONE waitress (who was apparently also bartending). She pointed and said "menus are over there." We helped ourselves to some and sat down. The tables were not clean - sticky and dirty (we moved twice) and the chairs...dear, Lord... were the most uncomfortable things! They have two types of seating - metal chairs and tables, and wooden counter-height stools. Both were miserable. The metal chairs eat into your thighs and lower back, and the stools have sharp edges and wreak havok on the back of your legs. I had so much time to observe the seating because we waited to be served for 30 minutes! At 6:10 I said I will give them 5 more minutes. Nothing. Not even a drink order. Another table of two ladies came in and sat down next to us. They'd been there anout half as long as us and finally turned to us wondering how we got menus? After relaying our experience to them, we left. This place needs to get it together.

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