El Lorito Mexican Grill
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502 Blake Rd N
Hopkins, MN 55343

Recent Reviews

Very nice place, friendly staff, good atmosphere.
Yum! Mucho burrito
Absolute trash. We got food for our work lunch and paid almost $70 (including tip) which we were over charged because we ordered 4 12.99 meals which wouldve been $56 before tax and our total was $65 ($9 in tax is not right shouldve been around $5) and the food was honestly gross it was not good quality and was soggy because the meat was so greasy and the chicken was soupy. The rice had no flavor and same with the beans. They got our order wrong which totally happens I understand that and they gave us the mess up to fix it but honestly majority of the food just went in the trash. The worst part was when i called them i didnt even ask for a refund but after i said the first part about the food being gross the manager instantly shut me down claiming my order was correct which was not even what i was saying and after i tried again to explain the situation calmly and politely he was like you cant get a refund unless you bring back all the food which obviously couldnt be done as we had eaten some and thrown the rest away. Absolutely disgusting customer service and gross food do not go here its not worth it go to taco teresas or honestly anywhere else its cheaper and 10x better food.
Chips and salsa were delicious! Great menu, lots of options. I highly recommend!
Service is just WOW. Super on point and quick.
First stepping foot inside, you are met with a smile, a welcome, and an amazing decor of crafted wood and colorful art. The menu has some amazing choices (yes, I went with the chicken Chimichanga). It was amazing! They have a very massive Margherita, though I did not order that this time, it appeared to be a hit with a few other guests while we dined. Otherwise a very good drink selection. Thank you!?
We stopped here after Valleyfair last night hoping to feed everyone “real” food, we were wrong! The food is terrible, the service is terrible and the establishment is not the cleanest. The salsa is watery and flavorless along with the flavorless beans and rice that was stale, I’ve never in my life had authentic chicken tacos with bell peppers that’s usually fajitas not to mention it was shredded dry and tasted day old at minimum. Not only did the adults not enjoy their food, the children didn’t even want to eat the food. They also have no sort queso fresco so don’t even ask I was told “We have American shredded cheese” mmmm sir I could’ve went to Taco Bell no thank you! Lastly, I won’t even waste my energy on the customer service I’ll just say go elsewhere to eat authentic quality Mexican food! Check out Bravi’s in Shakopee or even Centro Mercado on Bloomington and Lake in Minneapolis.

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