El Fogon authentic Mexican grill
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10:30 AM - 9:30 PM
10:30 AM - 9:30 PM
10:30 AM - 9:30 PM
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31081 Hayes Rd
Warren, MI 48026

Recent Reviews

The food was delicious, especially the enchiladas, chips, and salsa! Will definitely go again!
Chips are served with your meal and you're given hot and mild sauce. Both sauces were good with the hot having a smokey flavor. Ceviche tostada and mexican burrito are both very good. I will return here to try the tacos.
Kinda disappointed today, ordered the burrito California and everything inside the burrito was cold. So against my better judgment I have returned and the rice and beans are cold, the meat in the chimichanga is absolutely disgusting. No more chances, won’t return.
Happy that a Mexican restaurant opened up so close thought I'd give them a try, wish I hadn't. I can't even speak about the food since I didn't get it. I placed an order online, went in to get the order, tell them my name and they start to look around, guy at the counter grabs a cook and the cook claims someone already came and picked up my order... Doesn't really make sense but ok, tell them how long it will be to get me my order and they claimed five minutes. I got back to my car and waited about 10 minutes, I go back in and approach the guy at the counter and he pulls out pen and paper, asking me what my order was? So not only did they give away my order, they didn't even make it the second time, absolutely terrible customer service. Place will go out of business if it follows trend to every other place that goes in there, I guarantee it.
My family of 5 dined in and it was wonderful! The service was amazing and the food was delicious! We now make this a standard rotation for dinner weather it’s take out or dine in. Either way the food is always delicious tasting!
The most reminiscent of the home made Mexican food of my youth that I've experienced, even in the southwest. It's has a diner atmosphere that belies the excellent food. Definitely the place if the food has priority over atmosphere or drinks. Parking: Busy strip mall location.
I'm new too the area. I've been looking for good Mexican food. This place was my first try.. very disappointing. The ground beef in the tacos no taste. They need to season that beef up. I don't know what kind of steak they gave my girl. But did not look the steak it was chopped up. They're chips were stale. And the queso running as hell, the should of served a straw in it.. Rice and beans nasty. I was even disappointed with their churro. I'm even more disappointed I got bad Mexican food from actual mexicans. Wast of 37 dollars.. I'm starving
We love the Auburn hills location. Used to go at-least once a week. We just moved to the area & we were thrilled to see an El Fogon over here. We ordered our usual meal which was a HUGE disappointment, the beans tasted as if someone ashed a cigarette in them! It even smelled like cigarettes. The rice was flavorless. The Queso was watery. The chips were stale. The Leche Cake tasted spoiled. Save your money $$.

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