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4860 McKnight Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Recent Reviews

Love here will come back
My girlfriend and I both got the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, mine spicy, her's not, and we were both very happy with it. There was so much pork flavor and the fat in the pork belly was so well rendered it almost melted in my mouth. For mine, the heat was only mild. It looked like in order to make it spicy they just add the hot pepper mixture that is sitting on each table so you can always control your own heat level. We also got these zucchini and seafood pancakes which were pretty good. They had this paper-thin Bonito on top which is shaved smoked skipjack tuna. Yum. Finally, the Crab Rangoons are top notch. They actually have crab in them. We will definitely be back.
First time I tried real ramen, it was delicious but a bit pricey. I was fine with paying that price since it was all fresh and higher quality. My son got chicken lo mein and he loved it, I tried some and it was good. The lo mein was more reasonably priced, it was a large container for just under 15 bucks. Waiter was pleasant and helpful, food came fast as well. The only negative thing really is they didn't seem to have a process for getting take out. We sat at a clean set table and ordered and waited, I feel like they could have a smaller area separate for take out. I was very satisfied and will probably go back to try other dishes. Vegetarian options: Most dishes have the option to be meatless but I assume that everything is cooked in the same wok etc so I'm not sure if there's cross contamination. Parking: Enough parking. But pulling out onto McKnight was terrible. Kid-friendliness: No kids menu. Limited kid friendly dishes such as lo mein. Wheelchair accessibility: I don't recall seeing any handicapped parking or automatic doors.
The vegetation ramen and tempura vegetables were delicious. My husband enjoyed his beef ho fun as well! Can't speak to the dine in experience but ordering takeout online and picking it up was easy and on time!
Excellent ramen!
My family and I really enjoyed the food (ramen, chicken katsu, and a beef plate). We also had a bubble tea, which was good but the boba tasted a little cheap/flavorless or maybe stale (?) to me. The prices are too high, hence my 3 stars. We went for lunch and before tip it was over $60. I would visit more often if the prices came down a bit.
I have visited twice now and have enjoyed a nice bowl of ramen both times.

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