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7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Breakfast & lunch diner with updated American comfort foods in rustic-chic designer digs.

120 W 14th St
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Recent Reviews

Breakfast was really good!
Always amazing
Please watch out with paying. You might receive an unexpected charge on your creditcard when you come home. I tipped 25% already and still got an ‘updated charge’ from Eggy’s. It’s not about the money, I can miss it. It’s about visiting a dinner where you trust the people. Eggy’s is absolutely not a safe space!!!!
Great atmosphere, music, FOOD, and service. Love this place. Happy to visit from Wisconsin and find a gem like Eggy’s. Great personality on the place!
Average breakfast restaurant. Not great...not bad...just okay.
They have Fresh Squeezed O.J.! I had the Colorado Omelet, it was great. There were not a lot of customers on Thursday .a.m., so everything was great! ☕️
Was hoping for a new favorite brunch spot, but would not return. Host seemed annoyed that we were there, food took forever to arrive, but then server asked how it was seconds later, before we'd had a single bite. Side biscuit and gravy was not even slightly warm. My entree was the Irish hash, and I was expecting shredded corned beef with potatoes, but instead they just use the canned corn-beef hash (that stuff that looks like dog food), which already has a bunch of little chunks of potatoes, and then serve it with yet more Irish-style fried potatoes and mediocre cheddar. I ordered over-easy eggs on top but got over-medium/hard ones. The place was busy, over-priced, and not at all worth it.
We tried the Chicago location first a few years ago and finally got to try this one. We had a 2x2x2 eggys combo, a side biscuit and gravy, and an Irish skillet. It's not bad but doesn't quite match. We appreciated they don't have any extra fees and such and that was part of why we visited. The food was mostly good, eggs were cooked right, pancakes thick and soft. Great Irish skillet. Unfortunately the bottom of the biscuit was rock hard and clearly overcooked/had to be chiseled off the pan. This was unfortunate as they were great in Chicago. Server never returned for refills, someone else brought our food out. Later after we asked the server and after another 10 minutes someone else got our to-go box and had to remind our server about the check. The good server that had brought our to go box unfortunately took away the charred biscuit bottom so we didn't have an opportunity to discuss it with the main server, (didn't want anything comped but probably shouldn't send out any more like that). We'll try again at some point I imagine, off days can happen. Just unfortunate after the great experience in Chicago (vastly busier at the time too. We had a 30min wait then, compared to immediate seating this time which was nice.)

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