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6:00 AM - 2:00 PM
6:00 AM - 2:00 PM
6:00 AM - 2:00 PM
6:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Relaxed chain serving a menu of breakfast, burgers & sandwiches in a colorful setting.

300 Hughes Rd
Madison, AL 35758

Recent Reviews

The best food served and delivered in a long time! Fresh, prepared and packaged with care. Great portion size, flavor. I'm speechless. Keep it up, please!
Normally I never leave poor reviews when I have an unsatisfactory experience at any establishments, but this place definitely warrants one! I waited over half an hour for an online order once I arrived for the ETA that was given to me. I understand that they were busy, but the body language and service indicated that they had little to no care about online pickups and those that were waiting. To put it to perspective, another person waited around half an hour for his order via online. Another lady waited close to an half an hour until she deferred her order to another dasher. There was a couple of people waiting for their order once I finally received mine. Point Im making is that, this place does not prioritize online orders and those that is picking them up. I don’t ever anticipate going back there again and definitely will not order online from them again!
I have eaten here many times this last year. The food is great and the service is excellent. However, I think I have visited this place for the last time as of this week. It seems to me that the management is unwilling to honor their loyalty card as they are written. A card that reads buy 5 meals and get the next one for $5 off has six slots for meals, where five are to record the five meals you buy at full cost and the next is to represent the discount meal. When you try to use the card do the discounts meal, the server says that is too much be signed and then the discount used for the seventh meal. I let this slide a couple times so as not to make it harder for the staff, but now that it has happened several times it is obvious that this is policy and not just a mistake. So I insisted that they honor the discount as it was written. Another card offers a free breakfast every month, just for bringing in the card, but you are told, no, you have to buy a meal first and then come back again for the free meal. I've let this slide too, but it bothers me that condition are added that aren't started in the written offer. For just a single customer, this is just a little thing, but since this is policy, every customer is affected. It just seems a little small of the owner to go through these steps just to make a few extra dollars from his loan customers.
The hostess was cheerful and sat us tight away. The food is amazing. I have had several selections and never been disappointed
All the staff was great! They got us sat quickly. 3 out of 4 of us ordered Benny’s. All our eggs we’re over cooked and not runny. Kind of bummed since it’s an egg place. Willing to come back by and try something different. Parking: Plenty of free parking in the parking lot
Great breakfast spot! Kid-friendliness: Great kids menu!
The restaurant feels like a diner. It’s NOT a replacement for or competitor with ABE. Menu is good. Service extremely slow. Eggs/bacon was very undercooked, although we asked for it to be well done. Overall an average diner.
It's a solid experience. I like the design and the atmosphere of the interior. The philly cheese steak omelet is nice. Our waitress put potato slices instead of fries for my order. Thankfully, my order was fixed.

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