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Casual brick-lined Italian restaurant with a full bar & plenty of calamari dishes on the menu.

411 N Harrison St
Richmond, VA 23220

Recent Reviews

A little loud, but the food is fabulous!
My favorite Italian in Richmond, and maybe my favorite outside of Italy. If too much garlic is just enough, this is the place.
Best food in town.
This was the second time I tried Edo's Squid. I wanted to make sure that I was correct in never wanting to come back here again. It worked. It is TOO crowded, and the food (in my opinion as a first-generation Italian whose parents were from Italy) was beyond mediocre. I think THEY think that if they serve you large portions, it will makeup for the poor taste of the food. Among me and my friends (both times) we sampled at least eight of the pastas. All were beyond mediocre. The food was also EXTREMELY salty, something that is SO TOTALLY NOT necessary when preparing Italian-type cuisine. Also, despite reservations, had to wait for 45 minutes to be seated AND another 30 minutes before the mediocre food arrived. Full disclosure...I did ask for left overs to be boxed NOT because I wanted them later but because I LOVE the takeout containers! So, if you are looking for great take out plastic containers and do not mind a crowded, loud place that serves beyond mediocre food, but has great take out containers, look no more! This Italian-American will NOT be returning.
Had a very disappointing experience. 1. Service was poor: - Waitress left us mid order to go run food to another table. - Waitresses asked us if we were done and wanted boxes about two minutes after receiving our food. - Took us twenty minutes to get our check after we asked for it. 2. Food was mid at best. - Its an Italian place that sells boxed over cooked pasta. - They also don't tell you just how big the food is. 3. Atmosphere was terrible. - They shoved way too many tables in there. The pictures on their reviews are inaccurate they have at least twice as many tables in there. - It is clear they are just trying to shove as many tables in there as possible. They leave people waiting in the stairs and it is definitely a fire hazard. Overall would not go back. I think a Chili's would be a better choice.
Great food and cool place. Enjoyed every meal I’ve ever gotten there and quantities are huge
Overrated. I will not lie that any other italian mom and pop is better. Makes me just wish I was in another city..

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