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7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
7:00 AM - 1:00 AM
7:00 AM - 1:00 AM


Easygoing eatery & coffee shop with a patio for light fare featuring locally sourced ingredients.

116 Allegheny Ctr
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Recent Reviews

Definitely upset when I first started going you was able to create your own now it’s only a few items on the menu, now I’m stuck to eating meat(Burgers)
I am a former Nova Place company associate and now a member that returns every so often and the food & service has been continuous. Eco Bistro has upgraded to a digital system which allows for online ordering (& payment) plus easy ordering and pick-up when you're in the cafe. While the pandemic still has an impact on the # of people around the complex, you can tell things are picking up and this made it so much easier. The team there is also just so wonderful and great to work with for catered events. If you ever see the Pickle Brined Fried Chicken Sandwich on the menu, you should order it :)
Very good food for a great price friendly staff and lots of seating
I will give it 3 and a 1/2 stars. It's not enough for 4 for me at least. Mainly because of the customer service that I received. Otherwise I could easily have gotten this place for start rating. One member of the staff, I don't know she was management, staff worker, doesn't matter. 1st she asked why I was taking pictures am I responded to her I'm a Google reviewer. Her response was "A what?" I told her again, "A Google reviewer. I do reviews for Google." And she just turned around and walked away. In these times of business, when I do get approached for taking pictures, and they find out that I'm a Google reviewer, the staff and management are usually happy. Businesses are usually grateful for the attention. And that was when I 1st came in so it set the tone for the rest of the experience. Customer service is everything even in these thin times of business. On the merits of the food: I got a spicy chicken salad on the to go table. The salad was fresh and tasty. No wilted greens were anything like that. I got an orange juice (Tropicana) . It was also my 1st time here. The layout looks confusing to a first time customer. Even with the signs that say "order here". They are unattended. I was advised to do self check out. Because I wanted somebody to check me out because one of the perks of having a salad is that 1 of the dressings is free with salad. I did not get that free dressing at self-checkout. Another reason for my lower rating. Also barely anyone in staff attending to the place. 1 or 2 people on the floor at max. I had to ask the man at the bread station where the forks were. Not very welcoming, at least to me. The man at the bread station was nice enough to help me. But that lady who I asked where to checkout at, was just not pleasant. Sometimes even more important than the food, is how the customer is treated. Won't be recommending it to people. But perhaps you will have better luck than I did. Vegetarian options: Salads available
The Eco Bistro. Full of extremely sad looking, underpaid and mistreated people, housed in a tiny venue which is located in an enormous dead mall. The previous paragraph also happens to be exactly how the food looks and tastes. Lunch was only selected in this review as there was no option for, "overpriced slop". Eco Bistro is one of very few places that I would, sincerely, rather go hungry than return there.
Friendly staff and good food. I think they try to make their meals on the healthier side. Online ordering is nice. Lots snack selections as well.
I've never been to prison, but I have to imagine that the dining experience is comparable. Except you pay for the food here. One look at the patrons, with their lifeless eyes and an aura of utter defeat, should tell you that your money is better spent elsewhere. I could go on for paragraphs, detailing the many ways Eco Bistro fails to even provide the bare minimum for what would be considered edible food, but life is simply too short for such frivolities. Down with Eco Bistro, and may their vicegrip on dining options at Nova Center one day meet its end.

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