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5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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Classy, cozy New American cafe offering an inventive daily 5-course tasting menu & wine pairings.

418 N Country Rd
St. James, NY 11780

Recent Reviews

This Jewel is Absolutely amazing. Chef Jonathan, Evan and Rob embody a true passion for food, wine, and spirits. From the time we arrived the experience was welcoming and joyous from the delectable bits to the infusions of flavors to scrumptious desserts. I can't say anything more than heaven!!
Amazing experience. Food and staff were phenomenal!
Rarely do I find myself speechless. So. I will TRY to find suitable superlatives to describe my MOSAIC experience. The food was absolutely delicious, with combinations of vegetables, meats, fish (and SO much more) that we 'humans' would - and - could - never think of preparing and/or combining. The flavors and textures together are sublime. A different tasting menu each evening gives Jonathan, (the owner/chef) the opportunity to boast his culinary expertise and imagination. Naturally, he's as wonderful as his food. As you take in the cozy yet up-scale, friendly vibe, Rob will greet you and immediately captivate you with his charm and welcoming energy. I was blown away by his enthusiam and ability to describe -- IN DETAIL -- all that was going to be placed in front of me. Since it is a tasting menu, SO many ingredients are involved in making each course crazy delicious...and Rob knew what every, single ingredient goodness!!! It was MY pleasure listening to him describe each course, and he'd make sure I had no specific food allergies. AND, I HAD A BLAST! Various wines we're suggested - cocktails too....and I even ate every morsel of dessert. The presention was creative and beautiful. And most importantly, I could taste the love in every mouthful. MOSAIC is absolutely slammin'!!! Thank you so so much Rob and Jonathan. I had one of the best dining experiences ever!!!
- One star for the quality of the proteins - pork, beef, shrimp were pretty tasty and good quality - One star for the wine paring. The wine server was a nice guy as well (not quite sure whether he was a sommelier per se) - Negative one star for very very strong feel of amateurism. I got this vibe that the place is not ashamed of being odd, amateur - wanting to display that and hoping that that will pass for being cool. Not cool at all. - Negative one star for just bad food. We all agreed (all five of us) dishes here represent medium to medium-high level of home cooking. Unfortunately, with peculiar and amateur twists to the dishes. Sting beans.......really? Rice cracker......really? Unevenly sliced pork....unevenly sliced beef......WHY? - Very loud music from overhead speakers - Bad lighting - Negative one star for being very expensive for what they can offer. - Hey. I see all the positive reviews here. They cannot all be wrong right? Go. Check it out for yourselves.
This tasting experience was a culinary journey. I don't do many tastings so I left COMPLETELY full. Everything was carefully curated, staff explained each dish in great detail (and these are not average dishes), and the chef made multiple appearances to make sure everything was going great. Best dining experience I've had in a long time. Dietary restrictions: The restaurant is very careful to ask if you have any restrictions or allergies, both at reservation time and at ordering.
I judge my cooking based solely on how many different flavors I can pair with a protein. This chef is clearly winning on all aspects of this theory. We tasted every aspect of a home garden in the early entrees , more hearty rich French style flavors toward the middle and American classics to finish. The desert had all the right tangy fruity hints with the sweets too. Worth a try!! All staff were on their service game. Bartender was super nice too. Def worth a detour!
First time at this restaurant and food was excellent .we did the tasting menu and the pairing wine was a great experience .We met the owner Johnathan , his restaurant has been open for about 20 years ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜€

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