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52901 Shelby Rd
Shelby Charter Township, MI 48316

Recent Reviews

Delicious! Each plate of pasta comes with a side salad and a warm roll. We had the cannelloni and the zucchini ravioli with a tiramisu to go. I appreciated how fresh everything tasted. Note: There are only 4 tables inside, lots of people coming in to pick up to go orders, no wine or beer served.
Amazing food !!! The Best!!!
This is a message to all those that love Italian real Italian food, made by real Italians from Italy. Ok, this is the place and it's as real as it gets. Every dish is hand made in house one plate at a time. Even the pasta noodles are made by hand in house with the same person care and love everyday. This is too good for words. But that not all they also make the ALL the desserts the same way. Enough from me. Go and taste this great food for your self. Enjoy Eataliana today.
Everything about this place is amazing! The food is like no other - it’s always incredibly fresh, it tastes AMAZING, and I always feel great after eating it. The service is incredible, too! 10/10 recommend.
Had the #16. First and last take out experience. Sticky pasta that was not fresh, tasteless meatballs and hardly any sauce. Good money for mediocre food. Disappointing.
My wife suggested that we go here to grab here since we are both big fans of Italian food. I've not had the chance to try fresh pasta before and I'm very pleased with the new experience. The couple running the shop are very nice and they do try to make you feel welcomed. We got in right away at three pm when they opened for carry-out so we could enjoy our food by Stoney Creek. Ordered the #17 and some Raviolis. Both meals were made fresh, hot, and tasted amazing. The portions on the ravioli were not as large as I thought they would be but the wife said they were made well so she didn't mind the price. The meals did come with salad and fresh bread roll so it was still filling. The portion on the #17 was a good bowl full that lasted me through lunch and dinner. Thank you for the great food it made for a fantastic picnic lunch We definitely shall be back again.
The food was great. The owner was attentive and helpful. He brought out food earlier for the younger children when he saw they were getting restless. The food was delicious, filling, and served in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend eating here. There isn’t much space for dining in, but there are tables outside and there is take out. You can buy fresh pasta to take home to cook later- even lasagna. It is definitely worth the stop.

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