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1906 Packard St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Recent Reviews

Oh my gosh- we never knew this place existed, but tried it a few weeks ago. Instantly ADDICTED. SO SO good. I'm vegetarian, and my husband is a meat-eater. The first time I got the Risotto (I couldn't believe how good), and he got a Smash Burger. My FIL got the Risotto with some meat added in! Oh my gosh, we were all so pleased. Great atmosphere too- you can eat in this adorable little hidden courtyard. Everyone is super nice, great drinks too. The restaurant is like this perfect little hidden gem. I will admit though the waitress seems to have forgotten about our appetizer the time we ate in person, and there was something else she forgot that time (I think someone wanted like no onions or something). Who knows though, maybe we weren't clear, as there was a lot going on, and she was super nice and she was great otherwise. We weren't charged for the app either, so maybe a miscommunication on our part. Never any problems when ordering take-out either. If only they went on Door Dash or Uber Eats or something we would probably get there even more often (hint hint Eat!) Ah definitely worth pick up though so! Every week since then we've had to go get take out at least once (this week twice) because it is that good. It is my husband's favorite burger now, and I am obsessed with the Risotto, but sometimes I get the Tempeh Sandwich. I only tried the Tempeh Sandwich because they ran out of Risotto(!!!). It was a rough time hearing that, but it was for the best after discovering the Tempeh Sandwich, so now I have two things I love. The Risotto is like the most creamy, almost kind of pesto-y, parm-y, deliciousness with plenty of veggies like corn and tomato. The Tempeh Sandwich is a bit lighter- it's like how you always IMAGINE those fancy cucumber sandwiches on TV that never taste good when you try them yourself, but this is actually how you imagine a delicious cucumber sandwich would be... but with a thick juicy delicious tempeh. If I could- I would eat the Tempeh Sandwich for lunch and the Risotto every dinner for a week at least, probably forever. The feta potato salad is also very good. I'm excited to try more- but it's hard because what I've gotten is so good I'll get FOMO if I try to order something different. I'll have to make the leap at some point after having such tasty experiences here. It's really nice though to find a restaurant that both my vegetarian self and my meat-eating husband are so obsessed with. Best burger from him is quite the compliment and this is my fave restaurant for sure right now.
Promising place. The food was of good taste and presentation. Kind and fast service. Short menu offering a variety of plates, mostly sandwiches, quick bites. I might say that this place is ideal for small office/business gatherings. Ok but decent portions are priced accordingly with respect to other Kerrytown area restaurants (cheaper than Zingermans and also good quality). The ambiance is clean and feels not crowded even if this place is really compact for the dining area. The only thing that didn't convince me was the side pop corn. For me, it felt stale (as it was cold and not crunchy) yet well seasoned.
Buena comida y precios accesibles.
Very nice staff. Food is really good here. A must try.
We are breakfast here and enjoyed sitting outside! The menu is just the right size and the breakfast sandwich was delicious! The coffee could have been a little stronger, but overall we liked this place because it was tucked away which offered a great ambiance.
Delicious and fresh food.
I had the turkey brie melt sandwhich and my friend had the strawberry salad. The food menu is limited. Portions were decent for the price! The sandwhich was okay, but the bread they use taste amazing! The salad was refreshing but also nother to outstanding. It is a little hard to find in kerry town. But I heard the location on packard has a different menu but also taste better! Ambience was nice and relaxing. Def will have to try the other location. Parking: parking meters are free after 6!
Great lunch location, and original taste combos! The bacon-strawberry-goat cheese sandwich was excellent, and a side of popcorns is a nice addition to the mix!
Food was tasteless. Completely bland. One waitress seemed annoyed to be there, while the other that brought our food was very nice.

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