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Chain pizzeria outlet for build-your-own Chicago-style deep-dish pies, plus wings & subs.

2615 State Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Recent Reviews

New stuffed crust sad! All toppings fell off due to no cheese
Super fast delivery. Also ask about the daily specials...they are insane. Monday is 10$ for 2 foot long subs...Wednesday any large specialty pizza for 12!! 5 years later: moved back to town after a long while, and this place is under new ownership. No more personal touches inside, but very clean and nicely set up. Weekly deals arent as good but thats to be expected post covid. We miss Jeff but the quality of the product is the same. Excited for our deep dish pizzas again!! Vegetarian options: Cauliflower crust and gluten free
Not like it use to be
On 11/12/23, I placed an order, and it was easily the worst pizza I have ever had from East of Chicago. The order was supposed to be a beef taco pizza with extra salsa and extra sour cream. The pizza had a regular amount of salsa, but the sour cream was not in the usual place on top of the salsa. When the pizza was picked up, they asked if we wanted the sour cream on the side or on the pizza, which has never been asked any other time I have ordered. It would seem to me that they forgot the sour cream until it was being picked up. They squeezed it on the top of the pizza, which made it very messy. In addition, there were no onion or black olives and barely had any cheese. The few tomatoes that came on the pizza were barely even sliced and were clustered together. Previous orders from the location have been very stingy on toppings, but this is the worst experience. If I do decide to order from East of Chicago in the future, I will surely not be from this location or the location in Stow, Ohio that is under the same ownership. I am highly disappointed with my experience today. With what it cost for this order and the face that there are so many other options available, this is unacceptable.
Always delicious!
Never received our pizza. Ordered at 7:45 pm. Food still hadn't arrived by 9:45, so I called the restaurant only to get a recording saying it was closed. No way to find out if our pizza was on its way, or if the order got cancelled or what. Meanwhile I had to scramble to try and find something else to feed my hangry kid before bed. So aggravating.

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