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11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
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Sleek, upscale chain serving gourmet burgers, global comfort food, cocktails, wines & beers.

700 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Recent Reviews

Always great food. Service was a little slow but understandable due to time of day, Huskies ,Cougs playing. Also you may run into Seahawks players. My pic has Linemen Lewis and Cross in it.
We unfortunately had a long, frustrating experience at Earl’s Kitchen. My coworkers and I got to the restaurant at 12:30 for lunch (8 of us). We were seated within 15 minutes but did not leave the restaurant until 3:30. Service the entire time was slow despite there only being two other small tables in the restaurant side. Our waitress took our drink order and explained the ‘Seattle Restaurant Week’ menu. 6 of us ordered from that, which included an appetizer, entree and dessert for $35 - a really great deal. Our food arrived and two of the entree orders came out wrong and were not what was chosen from the menu. We were then informed that they were out of crème brûlée and only had the cheesecake as a dessert option - bummer, but we all said cheesecake would be fine. We finished our entrees and waited 30+ minutes for the waitress to check in on us and refill drinks/bring dessert. We finally flagged her down to see if we could get the dessert soon (as we had been there for nearly 3 hours at this point) and she says they only have 4 slices of cheesecake left and nothing else to replace it. So, 2 of us didn’t get the third part of our three course meal and were still charged full price. We asked for the bill and noticed multiple items were incorrect, drinks were overcharged, and we were even charged for the cheesecake that A) was supposed to be included in the meal special and B) that we never received! Our waiter was not transparent with us, and when asked to speak with the manager to we had to wait 20+ min. We were finally able to correct the food charges. Due to our group size there was a required 20% service gratuity fee. We asked for a refund on the gratuity, but have failed to see this transaction request come through. I understand some things are out of our control but the lack of communication, lack of urgency, and lack of attentiveness was extremely frustrating as a guest.
Went there for a birthday dinner. Asked if they served the birthday person a dessert and the said they could put a candle on whatever is ordered. Thought that was cheesy. You spend $$ there and they can't give a scoop of ice cream or small cake to a birthday person? Other than that the place is nice and food is good. Wish restaurants would go back to showing appreciation to their patrons on birthdays.
Excellent place! Had the spicy shrimp pizza, delightful.
Not a big red meat eater, but together the food was delicious even though I don't eat red meat often. But the place was amazing!
We came here for dinner and it definitely seemed to be pretty packed. Placed a reservation just before we headed here on Open Table and it was pretty easy and painless and guaranteed us a table. Had kids with us and while they didn't have booster seats or high chairs, they did have these attachable seats that we had to put on ourselves, which is a first for me. We ordered a Tropic Thunder pizza, Angry Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Spring Green salad with chicken. The pizza was somewhat spicy, which was not mentioned on the menu anywhere so that was a bit of a shock when one of the kids bit into a slice and started crying for water. The lettuce wraps were definitely a let down as I'm used them being stir fried but these were battered and fried, which made them a lot heavier than they needed to be. They were nice though and put the sauce on the side so the kids could eat them. The highlight was definitely the salad and we all enjoyed it and it was a good size as well. Kid-friendliness: No high chairs or boosters but have attachable chairs that hook to the table that patrons need to attach.
The staff was fun and knowledgeable and the food was fantastic!

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