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19505 44th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Recent Reviews

My favorite drive through espresso. Flavored drink options & specials are good. Food is simple & reasonable. Coffee & tea are excellent. My regular Saturday stop. Dietary restrictions: Good selection of milk alternatives & knowledgeable staff. They know coffee & tea.
This is consistently the best cup of coffee I've found, and I've been drinking it for 30 years. Friendly staff of course, and it's right next to Washington Burrito. Breakfast burrito and one of their sublime coffees and you are set.
Always great service and more combinations of drink flavors than you'd expect.
Coffee driven used to be my favorite coffee spot that I’d tell everyone to go to back when Destiny was running the show, and still for a little while after she left. Since then, it’s slowly gone downhill. It started when I would have to repeat my order several times while sitting there and still receive it wrong (not a complicated order), then it felt less friendly of a place to stop (but maybe only for me, because several times I’d wait while baristas would carry on their convos with other customers or themselves). The quality of the drinks ultimately led me to stop coming on a regular basis, when more often than not they just didn’t taste good (Janette is great though, when I catch her!). They seem to focus a lot on energy drinks now, so I’m sure it’s still a great option for that. One other thing they started doing is stopped giving access to their POS tablet and instead ask if you’d like to tip, and add it themselves. I tip what I feel is a above normal but it has bothered me I can’t see it/do it myself. A couple times they haven’t even asked. It turns out when they don’t ask, they just add a dollar. It’s the bare minimum I would do for them, but to not be asked and have it added just feels wrong somehow. My husband won’t return because of it. Sad to not have them as my go-to reliable option anymore.
Coffee driven has been my go to coffee spot for the last 2 years and I literally tell everyone about it! I am there usually at least once a day and every single barista is amazing. They’re friendly, caring, funny, and on top of that their stand is extremely cleanly! The drink quality is always amazing and they have awesome food options as well if you need a bite to eat or a quick breakfast. (Bagels, burritos, cake pops, etc.) I change my order on a day to day basis since I get tired of the same thing fairly quickly and every single drink I have had has tasted AMAZING! Jeannette and Hallie are my absolute favorites if you ever get a chance to stop by and see them! Thank you guy for always taking care of me! Love your local energy/coffee addict

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