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Southern-inspired fast-food chain known for fried chicken & biscuit, plus signature sides.

10329 Mallard Creek Rd
Charlotte, NC 28262

Recent Reviews

Grumpy workers early in the morning and tried to charge me for jelly for a chicken biscuit pathetic smh. Now I understand why chic fi la is taking all of your business
Service was good but the Ice Tea wasn't!
I am not sure why this place is still open, or any bojangles for that matter. They should all be closed based on their poor customer service and their attitude towards the quality of food they present. They do no care about both, visited this location today and all that I was presented with was we are short staffed. I am not sure what that meant for me as a customer looking for service. Of course there was no additional context, besides they are short staffed. I just pulled off and knew that I would not be coming back to this location. JUST SHUT THEM ALL DOWN AT THIS POINT!!!!!
I am posting this review in response to this location dumping an entire sweet tea into my lap as a result of improperly applying the lid to my drink. The drivers seat of my new vehicle was ruined with sticky sweet tea. I’ve owned this new vehicle only 48hrs. I will update this review once this issue is made right. My meal was not compensated, I was handed a small stack of napkins and told to pull forward. I simply ask Bojangles to be held accountable for the mistake and pays to clean up their mess. You make the mess you clean the mess. Please resolve this issue promptly so I can go back to enjoying your food at tailgates. #DoTheRightThing. 3/27/21
Imagine the worst possible scenario for customer service and then proceeded past that and yoy still will not be close to the unbelievable terrible customer service. No I don't need a red carpet nor do I need chick-fil-a service but if you give me my order after having to pull up and wait 10+minutes and its incorrect then I believe it's on you to fix it.. okay secondly Asking for a utensil shouldn't be such a inconvenience. And lastly please don't suck your teeth thats very disrespectful I need that same energy you had on the day you watched all those corporate training videos and same respect you had on your interview please and thank you
The manager on duty was really nice and helpful. I don't remember her name. She is a dark skin lady .
"Tenders" were way undersized, as usual. They were all out of sauces except for buffalo sauce. This location is consistently lacking, like the other locations in North Charlotte. Bojangles has a serious quality control problem. I will not be eating at this location again. At least the drive-through lady was polite this time, which isn't always the case.
Every time I go to this restaurant, my order is wrong. That is 5/6 times.
Worse experience that I have ever encountered I have been to the Bojangles on Sugarcreek and they service and food was way better than the Bojangles on MAllard Creek malla Creek is a good area so I would've never thought that I would've received the service and the food quality the way that I receive and it was terrible my fries were very salty and they were hard and then my chicken was on the batter dip twice and it was not crispy at all we've ordered six meals and he gave all six mils into boxes and said they did not have any more boxes for the six meals that we ordered no hot sauce no ranch no condiments at all just terrible terrible service and when I pull through the drive-through window that lady never even spoke to me I had to wait on her and when she did speak to me she gave terrible customer service
Quick service!

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