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15641 State Rte 235
Lakeview, OH 43331

Recent Reviews

626 pm 7/14 we walked in and was told to sit anywhere. We went to the back room because tables were dirty or in use. Was told no pizza, breads on side because oven isn't working. Ok. Things happen. 645 waitress asked for orders. Girlfriend ordered breaded wings. No breading on them. Hubby ordered a pizza sub that barely had anything on it. Fries were hard to eat and overly cooked. My ultra sub had burned meat, very little bacon, bun was black. Never received my pickle even after asking for it. 2 kids and never received their oreos. Received food at 745pm. An hour? Waitress took husband's glass to refill and it was 20 minutes later she came to see if we needed anything and realized she never brought it back. I was very disappointed on our 1st visit after hearing good things. Guess we should have read reviews. We will go check out other places and not come back. Watched an older man who couldn't walk a straight line from being drunk get into his truck and leave. He ran into the wall after using restroom.
Waitress gave us a menu it was not the menu, got our drinks waited 20 minutes we left, she was standing laughing and talking at a table .
Parking: Just need to be creative.
Hello, My name is Tammy and I have a summer spot behind your restaurant. We have has multiple issues with the female manager. First issue was shutting grill down 45 minutes early and telling us they had a gas leak. Second was drive through employee was selling me a bag of ice when she ran into the drive through a grab it out of her hands and told her not to sale it because that’s all they have. third was after putting burgers back on menu we tried to order one at 7pm and was told they didn’t have any. And then yesterday four of us came in with a party of 4 and waited 30 minutes without Even getting our drink order taken. I went in to get her attention as she was standing behind the bar, I went back out to join my party and after another 10 minutes I knocked on the window to try and get her attention when she busted through the door and stated if we didn’t like the wait we could leave so we did. I have never experienced such a person in customer service position and I will tell you we will not be back until she is gone.
We were camping at the State Park nearby and decided to get pizza so we decided on this one big mistake first we were way overcharged from what their online menu stated that the prices were and it said it was updated 3 months ago so it wasn't an old menu because our pizza should have been 14.50 our wings should have been 7.99 and our spicy cheese bites should have been 6.99 that's 29.48 right we were charged 51.50 I didn't catch this until I was already back home the next day. On to the next issue the pizza was fine but our cheese bites were overcooked and so were our boneless wings I'm not saying don't go there because the pizza was good but make sure to keep an eye on what you get charged.
Food was much better before new management took over. Have ordered a few times since, hoping the food would get better and no such luck. Very disappointing since we are so close to restaurant.

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