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Popular cafe serving creative variations of breakfast favorites in a funky setting.

1621 Aliceanna St
Baltimore, MD 21231

Recent Reviews

Came from Michigan and found the BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!
Omg! I love Blue Moon! This must be my favorite place to go have brunch on weekends. Their toast & sweet baby jesus are the best. You should definitely have them. The waiter was friendly but it gets very crowded so there’s always a waitlist (but it’s worth it, i swear!!!)
Poor service rude servers and food is slop! Seriously? Captain Crunch? Far from fresh. Typical food for Baltimore.
In a realm where shadows eerily play, A funky Goth haunt holds its darkened sway. Halloween's spirit, each corner it fills, With mystic ambiance, chills upon chills. But amidst this world, where night meets the day, Lies a feast most splendid, to keep gloom at bay. A tomato's red, with spinach entwined, Lump crab cake Benedict, exquisitely designed. Hash browns on the side, golden and light, Made the dish complete, a true culinary delight. Oh, what a place, where contrasts blend so, Edgar would dine here, this much I know.
The wait is worth it. Just get there early. They have another location Federal Hill near Cross Street Market. Blue Moon 2. Depending on how many people you bring the price is reasonable the wait time is not. Again it's worth the wait and money.
My husband has been bugging me to come here for weeks! The atmosphere is ok, music was great, the staff was super friendly and efficient, the space was useful. But the FOOD. the food was why you HAVE TO COME. not only do you get large portions. But I don't even like breakfast food, and it was phenomenal. Parking: There was a paid parking lot about 3 blocks around the corner from the restaurant. There is not much at all in the way of street parking and I hear Sunday is their busiest day.
The wait for a table felt a little awkward, but it was SO worth it! The Cap’n Crunch French Toast is absolutely where it’s at, and the service is great! The atmosphere is unique and eclectic, and the coffee was absolutely perfect. Definitely plan on making a return trip here when I’m back in town!
Anytime me and my fiancée are going to a city or new place in general I am always looking for the best spots to eat. Breakfast/brunch I always look for the most interesting or unique. This definitely fit the bill for the most unique right away with their over the top versions of French toast and some other options as well. It is a tiny location with a wait likely due to the nature but honestly the wait wasn’t bad considering. Waters are at your table quite quickly. Besides water options are limited mainly to coffee or orange juice which honestly for the price orange juice was not worth it. Kinda wish they a liquor license since brunch cocktails are usually always a good bonus. To start we ordered Bacon Dippers, basically strips of bacon cooked in pancake batter. Kinda let down by these as the bacon was flimsy, skip if you prefer crispy bacon. Sounds like a good novelty but in practice not worth it. For entrees my fiancée got Great White Deep Blue Moon Pancakes (pancakes with lemon, white chocolate, blueberry). She did not think they were over the top special and wished she ordered something else. The crazier items did seem to lean a little to far on the sweet side as why she avoided them. I went with Sweet Baby Jesus which was great! Think hash browns mixed with crab, old bay, eggs, cheese and covered in hollandaise. It was a large portion and quite tasty. A good way to eat crab if visiting the city known for its crab. Overall a solid experience but for the price in the end not worth a revisit. It added up very quick and did not feel like we got the complete value of what we spent. Despite this I say check this place out if the wait isn’t too long and give it a try for yourself.
It's been a while since eating here, but it is just as good as I remember. All 3 in my party loved our breakfast! For dining in, it's small inside although they do have outdoor seating and take away as well. They have some crazy/extravagant options but they don't let that overshadowed having good food. Thier food is fresh and delicious! And if you go with one of the unique or specialty options it'll be equally yummy!

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