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8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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748 Hope St
Providence, RI 02906

Recent Reviews

food's great and very reasonably priced and the owners are so nice! beyond anything though is how warm and inviting the atmosphere is here: this is the first diner i've ever been to where there were regulars just chatting with each other. very pleased to have this so close to home!
First time here. The coffee wasn’t good to my taste and neither was the food. The home fries were sliced potatoes and very bland. The toast was dry . They also don’t accept credit cards, just Zelle and Venmo for electronic payments. Priced higher than other places for same breakfast.
Parking: Used handicap parking directly opposite front entrance
We live close by and my gf and I wanted to try this place. First, parking sucked and then it was cash only and the closest store ATM was broken. Had to drive to another ATM and lost our parking spot. lol (should have taken the hint not to eat there from God himself, but we went in anyway). Place was dingey and dirty looking. A living fly was stuck on our maple syrup bottle, buzzing in distress. I killed him between the bottle and the side of the table and wiped him off with a napkin. Food came fast, but the bacon was cold, dry and overcooked and the homefries were terrible, the worst I ever had. Both my gf and I had to move them off our plates to enjoy the eggs and toast, both of which were great. I used to be a breakfast cook so I took pity on the owner?/waitress and decided to tell her about the homefries. They were just over seasoned with onion powder and a little undercooked. Anyone could make those mistakes (I wouldn't, and if I did I wouldn't serve them, but that's me). Like I said, I decided to tell our waitress but she was nowhere to be found. We were the only two customers and I had to shout "HELLO" three times before she emerged from the kitchen. I asked for another coffee and another napkin, which she supplied with a frown. Then I said, "I would want to know this, so I need to tell you that neither of us liked the home fries, so we probably won't be coming back here." She did NOT take this well. She said, "Fine! Then just get the hell out!" I said, "You need to learn how to take criticism. Are you this rude to ALL your customers?" She slapped a bill for thirty dollars on our table. And swore at me, telling me to get the F--- out if I didn't like it. I threatened not to pay, and she said "Fine, take your money and go!" I began to leave, thinking she was at least trying to mitigate our terrible experience by making it on the house, but she shook her head and mumbled, "Really? You're not going to f---ING pay me?" So I pulled out two twenties, slapped them on the bill and left. This restaurant SUCKS!
Such an amazing find! The food came out so quick and it was super flavorful and overall very delicious! The cucumber lemonade was also fantastic. Amazing customer service as well. Will be coming here more often!

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