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1100 Highway 33
Trenton, NJ 08690

Recent Reviews

I have been shopping here for decades, despite the fact that their prices are SIGNIFICANTLY higher than chains such as The Vitamin Shoppe. Personally, I like to support local businesses when I can. At Black Forest Acres, if you keep all your tiny paper receipts, you can get different discounts (for example, $200 worth of receipts = 20 percent off your next purchase.) The receipts are tiny, and it’s a very antiquated system. I have never complained about it though, not once. Instead, I continue to buy thousands of dollars worth of products each year from this business, usually at full-price. Recently, I accidentally bought a powder form of vitamin C instead of capsules from Black Forest Acres. I went into the store without my receipt and was told I couldn’t just swap it for for the capsules. Instead, the woman at the register - whom I have seen multiple times before - told me that she would have to deduct 20 percent first. “But, I have been shopping here for decades. I was even shopping here earlier today.” “Well, then you know the policy,” she replied with a smile. “No, I don’t, because I’ve never returned nor exchanged anything here before.” I always valued this small, local business, but today I realized that, sadly, the feeling is not mutual. I understand and respect that the rules are the rules, and I also know that Black Forest Acres SIGNIFICANTLY marks up many of their product prices because they have to, in order to stay afloat. However, I also know the value of good customer service, especially as it pertains to long-time customers. Unfortunately, they do not know nor value the same. Oh well, off to The Vitamin Shoppe I go.
Friendly, knowledgeable, staff. Good product selection.
The people work here are very polite and nice. They ordered medicine for me and called me back when it arrived. No store does that. I am really impressed and feel grateful.
Excellent selection - I enjoyed the variety; helpful staff.
I bought detox Teas and lady at counter has worked there for 13 years. She took me to aisle where Teas were located. Very friendly lady. I also bought navy bean soup to go. Delicious
Great place and people!!
Great story that offers a lot of organic/natural products: supplements, hair products, produce, eat-in cafe with a lot of options for breakfast and lunch.. We met a consultant Gala that is very knowledgeable who always listens to your issues and offers a solution. Check it out, you will like the store if you care about your health that can be treated with naturopathic approach.
Everybody there is so nice and helpful! Prices there are low and their products are unmatched!
I find all the associates at Black Forest extremely helpful...especially Becky the nutritionist. She always takes the time to explain the supplement in detail...which I sincerely appreciate. Thankyou

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