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Family-friendly chain outpost pairs familiar pub fare with an extensive list of house brews.

1414 Polaris Pkwy
Columbus, OH 43240

Recent Reviews

Parking: Around 30 cars can be accommodated and there is plenty of parking next to mall so easy for parking access Kid-friendliness: Have kids mean options with Make their own pasta/ pizza and for craft and qty is right for the kid
Food was cold. Spent most of the night waiting on items, some never showed.
Punchline here is that if you only have an hour for lunch, this is definitely not the place to go to. This place was not swamped when we came in maybe it was 40% full and for lunch hour that does not seem bad at all. Actually I think we were a little bit past the lunch hour because we didn’t get here till 1230.. So our small group of three arrived here at 12:30 we knew that we had to be out by 145 so we wasted no time and placed our order within the first five minutes of being seated . 1 o’clock rolls around we’ve seen the server zero times since being seated . As she’s walking by at 1pm, I catch her and tell her hey we have to leave by 1:15 so we either need to get this to go or cancel the order. She said she’ll check on the food comes back at 1:10 and asked us if we want to cancel the order or have it packed to go. At this point, I tell her just pack it up because we have to leave. I would’ve at least expected that we would’ve had our single appetizer of avocado rolls within 30 minutes of placing the order, but that did not happen. We got the ticket and paid and out at 1:18 We ordered one appetizer and it still wasn’t even there at 30 minutes in. I’m sure this place is nice. It looks nice. The prices are nice and juicy but something went horribly wrong with our situation. Seems kind of like more of the quietly quitting , work as slow as you can thing happening across America. Call. Anyway, I will never risk coming to this place during the lunch hour again if I only have an hour and I would recommend that you be cautious too.
I won’t be going back. Went on a Monday night. Ordered a burger and tacos. 45 minutes later we still didn’t have our food. It finally came and the shrimp in the tacos wasn’t even cooked. The server apologized and said they had a big table in the next room. So what, a table of 2 isn’t important? I don’t buy it. Two tables that were seated after us got their food before us. If you lost the order tell us or at least stay on top of it. We had to flag him down three times to ask about our food. More then frustrating and disappointing.
Great selection of gluten free. Great drinks

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