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4:30 PM - 10:00 PM
4:30 PM - 10:00 PM
4:30 PM - 10:00 PM
4:30 PM - 10:00 PM
4:30 PM - 10:00 PM
4:30 PM - 10:00 PM
4:30 PM - 10:00 PM


Rustic Italian fare like meatballs & gnocchi served in a cozy exposed-brick & hardwood space.

492 Haddon Ave
Collingswood, NJ 08108

Recent Reviews

We'll be back. Very good Italian restaurant.
The food was great and the service was good while we were there but after the fact I can't get a hold of a single person. I was double charged for my meal and can't get anybody on the phone to get my money back.
Disappointing. The crab bruschetta was made with a cut up hoggie roll and barely no crab. They had run out of shrimp so my capellini bambina was literally watery pasta with half the plate filled with sun dried tomatoes, bitter spinach and absolutely no flavor. No more wine glasses so they served our wine in champagne glasses (there was a wedding reception right in the same room we were seated). Menus were ripped and dirty. Just a disaster!
The gnocchi was very tasty but the "with short ribs" part was skimpy. Otherwise good
I’m going to start by saying I’m pretty easy to please and typically enjoy my dining experiences, even if they’re not perfect. This place is awful. Walk in to the hostess stand to check-in and the staff is f-bombing each other. It looked as if someone had dropped something and the manager was f-bombing one of the waiters or bus boys. The hostess did apologize for it, I found it funny, but just wanted to paint the full picture for you here. We ask to be seated outside, it was nice out. The courtyard is nice. We sit, the bus boy comes over and fills our water and provides some really good bread and a pesto oil which was really good. Then it takes about 20-25 minutes before a waiter even acknowledges that we’re there and apologizes and grabs us wine glasses finally. I’d say it took about another 20 minutes before we saw the waiter again to take our order. At this point we put the order in and the food comes out quick. We had the pumpkin ravioli appetizer which was pretty good. We also had the gnocchi sampler, Stefano, Pomadoro and Caccia Pepe. The gnocchi were pretty good as well. Then it got really interesting. After we finish up with the apps, the entrees come out. I went basic with the chicken parm. It was very average. I get the feeling they’re cooking their cutlets ahead of time and reheating them. I know a fresh fried cutlet from a reheated one, reheated ones tend to be dried out and just not as good. I promise you, no matter what they say, these were reheated. Still the parm was fine. Was it great? No. It was passable. Things got really interesting with my wife’s salmon dish. She takes a few bites of the ends, fine. She gets closer to the center and realizes, the salmon is completely raw. I mean this thing could have swam up stream if it wanted. We inform the waiter who stated “wow that’s raw”. At this point we already had the check at the table bc we requested it with the entrees (we were attempting to go see Seinfeld but bc the service was so slow we had to pass on tickets). Waiter takes the dish away, apologizes. Manager comes over and apologizes. About 20-25 minutes go by and nobody has come back to us. We honestly considered leaving without payment at this point. Waiter finally comes back, asks if we wanted dessert!? Like dude no we wanted you to fix the check and we need to get out. He says, “oh yeah”. The manager brings us two shots of chocolate cello. Thanks? They finally bring a new check, salmon was removed as well as an additional $15. I just can’t believe how bad an experience this was. I have no idea if this was just an off night or if people in Collingswood just have no idea what good food and service looks like. If this is the norm, I’m not sure how they stay in business. Go here at your own risk. Too many options to ever come back here. Hate to bash a place but damn this sucked. Overall dinner took like 2-hours and that was just for apps and entrees, one of which wasn’t even cooked . And we didn’t even get to enjoy a nice dessert or coffee. And I never leave without either, that’s how terrible this was.
Used to be a very good spot. This time food was flavorless and service was slow. Hope they can turn it around
My Wife and I had the true pleasure of having another excellent meal, and to have an enjoyable conversation with Eddie. Our first time to dine at Bistro di Marino. Amanda was very enjoyable, and we know we'll be coming back. Samantha made our night with our holiday conversation. Thank you, DJC
This was hands down the worst dining experience I've ever had in my 37 years. First impression- the staff were cursing at eachother as I waited at the hostess stand. After being seated, we waited 25 minutes before we received wine glasses and had our order taken. The pasta appetizers were fine. My salmon entree was RAW. I kid you not. You did not misread that. It was RAW. I alerted the waiter- he agreed. I asked it be taken off the bill rather than replaced. It was. It took another 30 minutes before the bill was corrected, though. They took off $15 along with removing the salmon entree. It took 2 hours for appetizers and entrees total. We got a few apologies but nothing near what I would expect for such a terrible experience. Frankly, it was like someone left the kids in charge this particular night. It was unprofessional and inexcusable. We will not be back.

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