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308 S 8th St
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Recent Reviews

Disgusting and over priced! We paid $30 for a "pizza" that was just sauce and dough. Skimpy with the toppings. For $30 id expect better!
My wife and I tried this pizza last week. It was awful and no where near real deep dish style pizza. It got to our table cold and the ingredients seemed cheap, even though we paid $70 for two pizzas. Billy the owner was talking loudly in the back about Trump still being the president, which was super cringe and off putting. I will never go back to that place.
I’m from the Midwest and have been to Chicago/surrounding areas, and this establishment is spot on!!! Reminded me of back home and the deep dish was awsome! The Owner was a great guy and very welcoming. Can’t say enough good things. Im not a huge New York style pizza fan, So this was definitely what my family and I needed here in the Springs.
Food and service was phenomenal! Jim went above and beyond with his customer service when he mailed back our iPad to Arizona that we had left at his restaurant. Thank you so much Jim!
One of the most tasty pizzas I have had in Colorado. Between the thick crust and the savory sauce, I was left satisfied. I got the pizza to go and drove back 20 minutes with it in the car and it was still hot and the crust was still crunchy! Overall, I would highly recommend this place for the flavor and satisfaction.
The food tasted okay going down, but my son and I both got sick afterwards. I was charged $40 for a small Italian sausage sandwich (sausage was slightly burnt) and some spaghetti. The menu said the spaghetti meal was supposed to come with a salad, but there was no salad. The price was ridiculous. We didn't even order drinks. (Higher than the menu price, as has been mentioned in other reviews. I was honestly shocked by how much I was charged but left a big tip anyway since it was a small business that seemed to be struggling. Now I see why it may be struggling.) I left thinking, damn, could have had Domino's delivered for less and gotten more (& better) food! Would not return.
My daughter is a cheese pizza fanatic, we wasted all summer missing the times to get there but we went today, straight up 10 outta 10, the owner was polite to my daughter and I swear this pizza is our new favorite!
This is the only place I go for deep dish pizza. It’s AMAZING!!!
My wife & I ordered a thin crust with sausage, cheese, and an assortment of veggies. It was really good! The folks at an adjacent table ordered a deep-dish and said it was as good as any of their pizzas places back in Chicago, which is saying a lot! There are only 5-6 tables for eat-in, so you may need to be prepared for take-out.

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