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1141 Stafford St
Rochdale, MA 01542

Recent Reviews

I like the pizza but the subs and everything else is why I go back. Plus they are super close by and convenient.
Well, let me first say that we have been fairly regular customers of Bills and, for the most part, they deliver quality products!! Tonight we ordered Italian grinders, curly fries, and without a doubt! Some of best onion rings around!! Well, tonight the grinders were good, though some type of meat on them was more spicy than usual,(not sure if the spicy meat was new or had been on the grinders on a regular basis). When we order the curly fries and onion rings, my wife asks for them to be well done! This has yet to occur on any order! The same story when we order pizza, well done! Does not happen! The prices at Bills is comparable to most pizza shops. Vegetarian options: Pizzas with whatever, (for the most part) combination of vegetables you'd like! Cheese pizza! Dietary restrictions: Salads Parking: Lots of parking! Kid-friendliness: Well there are seats for eating in! Wheelchair accessibility: Yes!
Stopped here while driving north on a long trip; searched around on Google for pizza places in a place I knew nothing about, and was lucky enough to come across Bills Pizza. It’s a small bit of a drive off the highway, but totally worth it. Enjoyed the pizza and the fries (and I say this as a Long Islander!) Small and clean place next door to a rather charming little shop selling local wines and craft ales. The service at Bills was quick, the prices very reasonable, and the service as friendly as a place can get (and, as it was Father’s Day, I enjoyed the gift of a very delicious brownie!). Looking for a pizza spot on your long trip or even if you’re more local? Check out Bills Pizza and enjoy!
Our go to pizza joint! Never disappointed.
Bills Pizza are a delightful explosion of flavors with its perfectly crisp crust and fresh, high-quality toppings. The friendly staff and cozy ambiance made for a memorable dining experience. I'll definitely be returning for more of their delicious pies
Their pizza is awesome, but I go there for the salads. They make the best salads around here, pizza place or not. Try the Greek salad with grilled chicken, or grilled Buffalo chicken salad with added grilled mushrooms onions and peppers. It’s always incredible. Docked a star because it is the most expensive pizza place around but you get what you pay for right?
I have yet to find anything that isn't delicious here. People are always friendly and helpful. Inside, instead of small it's more cozy. They also offer cane sugar sodas, and that's awesome in my opinion
This was the first time here. My wife got a tuna grinder and was very pleased to see they stuff it with a lot of tuna. I had the bbq chicken pizza and it was delicious. We will be returning there as we both were very satisfied with them.
This is one of the best pizzeria in the area. The food taste and quality are very high. The staff members are very knowledgeable and professional. The service was fast and the food was very delicious. I will recommend this place. It is a hidden gem.

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