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7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
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Upbeat, bohemian hangout offering coffee, all-day American fare, a full bar, live jazz & free WiFi.

341 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701

Recent Reviews

Excellent food and service. Amazing vibe in this place. Jazz, Neo Soul, smooth R&B feel. My friends raved about the grits. They sampled them first and both ordered them. I had an omelette that was excellent !!! The prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend.
The food did not taste fresh.
Wish this place was a better experience for us. We walked in hopeful for a nice brunch on a Sunday afternoon. Walk in and it’s a 30min wait, no biggie, we chill outside until about 45mins go by. As we are walking inside the host picks up the phone and starts dialing, as I’m waiting to speak with her my phone rings. Pretty sure she just forgot about us, but ignoring that we sat down and continued on. Our waiter came over and we tried ordering some mimosas just to be told they haven’t had a liquor license for months. This was a bummer and a bit odd since we looked at the menu on their website while waiting, so we’d be ready to order. After a bit of awkward conversation with our waiter, we put our order in. 30mins later our plates were dropped off and we noticed they didn’t include the pesto on our garden omelette. When we asked our server about this, he was like, oh yea, we ran out of that earlier. You should probably mention that before a person orders that and the kitchen makes it. He seemed kinda green or just not that good at his job, but the service he provided was pretty bad. The food was alright but the entire experience kinda put us in a weird funk and affected our afternoon. We looked into the no liquor thing, since our waiter couldn’t tell us why it was still on the website. It seems a few years back they got in trouble for something involving their liquor license, not sure if they had gotten it back or what but most people are probably looking for some booze with their brunch at a place that advertises booze, so worth a mention. Hope it turns around since it seemed promising otherwise, but I doubt I’ll be going back
Chai latte was good. Food was a tad cool when we got it. Osorio was a great server!
In short: Good food but someone needs to train the servers on how to be friendly and prompt! There’s plenty of other reviews that echo my friend and I’s experience, so I won’t drone on too much. But if you go here, expect indifferent bordering on rude service that takes a looooong time. They clearly forgot about us or were refusing to take our order until we asked. Then it took a very long time for an omelette, bowl of grits, and toast. Then they gave us our bill about 5 minutes after the food came, but then took a long time yet again to come get the card. Just weird service. The garden omelette was good though.

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